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 3 0    d a y s    t o    s u c c e s s. why aren't you a 
6 - figure stylist?

"I know what to do on paper, but for some reason I'm still not getting booked."
"I'm SO busy working to earn money that I don't have leftover time or money for marketing."
"I'm frustrated by my current situation and have given up."

stop making excuses.
​we invite you to
transform your brand.


Our program is created with a busy stylists' schedule in mind - spend only 30 minutes each day.


We're not going to make a bunch of recommendations that are expensive and unrealistic. 


We know that when you're starting out your business, you don't have money to waste.

30 days to a new  
  beauty business

Say goodbye to WASTING YOUR TIME.

You're a busy stylist with a lot to learn - get all the knowledge you need in just 30 minutes a day.

Give us a month - we'll give you a brand new business. We walk you through every step.

week 1 - build your brand   

We slowly introduce you to the concept of brand development. Take a step back from operations and make sure the foundations are strong.

week 2 - online footprint  

Let's get digital! Make your presence known on social media + web-based platforms with improved photography and engagement.

week 3 - grow clientele       

Congrats! You're ready to start building back your new and improved DREAM clientele - say "goodbye" to no-shows and low tippers!

week 4 - client retention

Now that you've gotten your dream clients - learn how to keep them! Figure out how to assess yourself honestly as you move forward.

The program can be completed anytime of day, so don't worry about meeting a specific schedule!

We're ready whenever you are.


Each week, we host a live Webinar on Wednesdays where we answer all your questions!

Get personal support.


what's included...

weekly videos

Each week, you'll receive access to a training video no longer than 10 minutes. Also, enjoy weekly Webinars for live Q+A sessions.

daily ventures

Every day you are assigned a business venture that is geared towards growing your business. Complete it in under 30 minutes!


facebook group

Get exclusive access to our Beauty Business Accelerator Facebook Group! Gain real-world tips + network with stylists around the world.

our strategies are simple to follow, and they actually work. 
take it from our former clients:

Cameron Peator


beauty business accelerator grad


this process couldn't have been any easier - and I've been pleasantly surprised at how useful it's actually been!

$ More Money $

Cameron increased her earnings to $9,300 within just 3 months! 

Client Satisfaction

Cameron's average online ratings increased from 3.8 to 4.2 across all platforms, and she gained key followers in her local market.

Get Fully Booked

Cameron's custom marketing strategy boosted her engagement and got her fully booked with high-ticket clients.

new session 


NOVEMBER 15, 2020

now the important much does this all cost?
​you decide.

A. pay  $500 $249

Enjoy our reduced pricing - we're here to help you make it through Covid-19. 😊 Complete the Secure Checkout Process below (Powered by Stripe). 

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B. pay $0.

Yup, you read that right.

If you are a current beauty professional, you can access our Business Accelerator for FREE - all you have to do is complete 3 easy steps.



JOIN using the signup form below + let us know who referred you.



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**us manifesting Fenty Beauty-level success in the beauty industry**

we can't wait to see you!

Director of Marketing

What the FAQ?

Is this program really 100% free?


As long as you follow us on IG and invite at least 1 beauty pro who also follows us on IG, the 30-day accelerator is absolutely FREE!

How do I sign up?

Pay $250, or pay $0.

As long as you follow us on Instagram + invite just 1 other beauty pro, the 30-day accelerator is absolutely FREE!

What if I still have questions?

Feel Free to Connect With Us.

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→ Call us at 1-833-993-2801

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