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Who can we help?

Any ambitious cosmetology or esthetics entrepreneur.

We have worked with Cosmetology + Personal Care business professionals from all corners of the industry. Some of our clients are established businesses, while many are in the earlier stages of their careers. The thing that connects all of our clients is unbridled ambition for as much success in business as they enjoy in design + artistry.


How can we help?

Let our beauty experts get the phone so that you can focus on servicing the clients in your business.







Appointment Booking

We can book + reschedule appointments directly into your booking software.

Custom Greeting

You can select a custom advertisement or song to play when your clients call.

High-Quality Client Service

Our associates are all required to hold at least 2 years of experience in high-end client service.

Custom Business Number

Keep your current number, or get a brand new business phone number with your local area code.


Our associates are US-based licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, students, or pros.

Outbound Calling

Do you need appointments confirmed? We can help with that - we make outbound calls too!

Upsell + Upgrade

Because of their industry experience, our associates can up-sell appointments + products.

Reliable Service 7 days/week

No more flaky, "sick" employees. We are open for business everyday 8 am to 9 pm!

Benefits of a Salon + Spa Answering Service

There are many benefits to offering an answering service for your salon or spa business. 

Make More Money.

Never miss a client inquiry again - attract more new bookings by providing round-the-clock customer service. We also help with up-selling appointments.

Boost your Productivity.

Answering the phone takes time away from engaging with clients and focusing on other tasks. Free yourself from the stress of client calls + texts by subscribing to a plan.

Be Professional.

Offering an answering service removes the chaotic, frazzled aura of many salons and spas. When your business appears more professional, you attract a higher-quality clientele.

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Welcome to the Future of Beauty.

We at My Salon Desk are pleased to support the next wave of beauty entrepreneurs seeking a high-tech approach to business.

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We've Worked With the Best.

We've assisted large salons as well as small businesses within some of the largest studio franchises.