• Coping After Covid

    Everything you needed to know about Covid-19's impact business-side of the beauty industry.


Coping after Covid.

Covid-19 has thrown the salon + spa industries for a loop! We had no choice but to brace ourselves for a global pandemic and subsequent shutdown. As many of us dealt with illnesses personally or within our extended families, we were also dealt the double-blow of losing our ability to conduct business. While we mourn the losses to human life, we also 

As we head into the New Year, beauty professionals in many states are headed for a second round of shutdowns. 

However, we still anticipate a healthy holiday season in the beauty industry! Most clients feel comfortable coming back to the salon, and while work parties may be cancelled, people will still need to get gussied up for personal, work + family functions.

With an effective marketing strategy + strategic planning, we feel confident that most beauty businesses will be able to weather the storm - as long as you're allowed to stay open that is. Custom at-home beauty kits + Christmas presents can still be a great way to draw in revenue even if you are forced to shut down. Many nail tech have converted their businesses into delivering custom press-on sets, while hairstylists are now offering at-home color touch up kits. Make sure you have a functional online shop, and make your Facebook and IG shoppable - Shopify makes it easy to add direct shopping links to your socials.

We can take care of client booking.

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In spite of Covid-19, researchers anticipate that the salon + spa industries will still see a holiday spike. 

According to MindBody, most clients (59%) report that their beauty spending will stay the same, while almost 10% expect beauty spending will increase.


Increase in Salon + Spa Spending


Potential Increase in Monthly Earnings


Clients Who Prioritize Good Service 

Are you prepared for the new clientele?

The days of walk-in clients are gone - clients are now calling + messaging more than ever. Even if you have an online booking widget, many clients still prefer to ease of booking directly with a salon or spa by phone. This is especially true for new clients, who often need reassurance and guidance as they make the leap to a new salon or spa. Finding a new stylist can be anxiety-inducing, and you need to ensure that your frontline staff answering the phones are equipped with the skills needed to convert leads. You also need to ensure that you have a team of guest service professionals to nurture your client after their visit with omnichannel communications - today's clients want to call, text and DM you with questions at the drop of a hat.

85% of clients will not respond after you miss their initial call.

You may be losing clients simply because you don't offer a method for instant contact. When clients call a salon or spa, they are expecting a professional response. Nobody wants to talk to a voicemail recording. If you aren't available by phone, another business will be. It can be incredibly challenging to meet the needs of salons and spa clients in today's landscape as more and more stylists work independently within suites and may not enjoy the privilege of phone receptionist services. Even larger businesses are downsizing and reducing front desk staffing to comply with social distancing requirements and to save on payroll.

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