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For simple issues, feel free to initiate a call using the widget at the bottom left of your screen. If we are busy, feel free to leave a message to us below.

Self  Service.

Many issues can be handled on your end as well! Scroll down to view self-service options + for more troubleshooting. If you still need assistance, send us a message.

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If you need to adjust your payment method, make changes to your billing contact information, etc. you may click the button above (scroll up).

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If you need to change how your calls are answered by updating your business details, specials + promotions, etc, use the form below or send an email.

Self-Service Support.

How many calls have I used?
How do I change my software?
How do I edit call handling preferences?
I'm experiencing sound quality issues.
How many calls have I used?

Most of our clients use VoIP phone platforms that make call reports easily accessible. If you use a landline or cell phone and want to know your Plan usage, send us an email ( or message above.

We will always reach out to you within 5-10 calls of your balance being exhausted, and then again when your Plan is fully used.

How do I change my software?

Send us an email ( or message above.

Please note that we ask for 5 business days to make any software adjustments. Be sure to review our Software Protocol to ensure that your chosen software is compliant! We recommend consulting us BEFORE you select a new software. 

How do I edit call handling preferences?

Please note that monthly Plans include our STANDARD SERVICE; requests to enable custom modifications that fall outside of our established standards will ONLY be considered within Plans in term commitments. Custom modifications include:

  • Requests to handle certain calls in a different manner
  • Scripts and sales trainings

If you'd like us to edit call handling preferences, send us an email or message BEFORE the start of the new calendar month.
I'm experiencing sound quality issues.

Our call center is powered by advanced HD VoIP technology with a 100% uptime SLA, so call quality issues are thankfully non-existent on our end. If your callers are complaining about call volume, or that they aren't being greeted at the start of the call, you are probably using a Multi-Step Forwarding Cascade. 

Multi-step forwarding cascade (where calls are not directly forwarded from your business number to us, and instead pass through other forwarding numbers first) are common with call tracking software; call quality issues are extremely common when forwarding via multiple VoIP numbers. For this reason, all Multi-step Forwarding Cascades are expressly PROHIBITED without prior approval from our IT Team. 


Send an email to, or initiate a web-chat with our Concierge Team. Please note that:

  • Plans with 50-55 monthly calls should anticipate a 24-hour turnaround
  • Larger Plans can expect a response within 4 hours (during regular Concierge Team hours)

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