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Outsourcing & Answering Service Call Center for Medical Spas and Aesthetic Practices from My Salon Desk.

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"Implementing Medspa Outsource at my Medspa has transformed my business into a success while giving me back my freedom."



Medspa Answering Service & Virtual Receptionists

Omnichannel - Calls, Texts, Chat + Social Media

Scheduling Directly

into Your Software

Marketing, SEO, and Web & Clerical Support.

We have a TRACK RECORD for success.

#1 Medspa Answering Service.

Quality is important when outsourcing critical business functions of your medical spa or aesthetics practice. Don't make the mistake of using a generic answering service that doesn't maintain a medspa specialty, or using a service without credibility or reviews. You wouldn't expect your patients to book with you without any testimonials or experience, so why select an unqualified phone service?

My Salon Desk has been in operation since 2019 and served hundreds of salons and spas around the US and Canada. We are the only Medspa Virtual Receptionist service that has bonafide expertise in handling high-end & white-glove clientele service - we've serviced beauty businesses with celebrity clients, as well as those who regularly revenue $30,000+ within one day.

✓⃝ In Operation for 5+ Years
​✓⃝ Recommended by Industry Experts
✓⃝ Intelligent & Professional Staff
✓⃝ Sales-Trained Receptionists

Our Medspa Virtual Receptionists support any customer.


Customizable between 6 am - 12 am (midnight)

for all time zones in the US + Canada

Outsourced Medspa Virtual Receptionist


We answer client calls, provide information according to your unique business logistics + book appointments.


Support Millenial + Gen Z Tenants and clients with instant access to support via SMS.


50% of clients locate their businesses online - assist your tech-savvy clients on your site via Zendesk®.


We can integrate directly with Lead Ads across platforms as well as Facebook Messenger.


We can provide instant consultations and recommendations powered by video.


We Provide Medical Aesthetic Spas with Outsourced Support.

We don't just answer calls; We handle them. 


As part of our FAQ Answering Service, our Medspa Specialty Virtual Receptionists will answer questions regarding your business policies as well as general queries surrounding products, treatments, and services.


In addition to standard remote call answering, our Aesthetics Practice Virtual Receptionists can also book and schedule appointments, process payments, complete tasks, provide consults, and manage your CRM.


Select from the following:

Order Processing
Customer CRM
Virtual Assistant
  • Our Medical Virtual Receptionists can schedule appointments directly into the Cloud-Based software of your choosing.
  • We can support card-on-file requirements, class session booking, house-call bookings, processing / buffer time and more!
  • If your Scheduling Software is API-enabled, we can help you instantly fill openings and cancellations from your waitlist
Order Processing
  • Our Medical Virtual Receptionists can process orders and payments over the phone directly into your business software.
  • We can leverage Stripe® to process orders on your behalf that will be routed directly into your own Merchant Accounts.
  • We can send Self-Checkout links to clients, enabling them to checkout from their smartphones.
Customer CRM
  • Our Platform directly integrates with Zapier® enabling us to transmit contact data directly to your CRM or Support Software
  • We can track customer contact, enter customer notes, and generate customer tickets for follow-up
  • We can send information to Zendesk, Zoho, Pipedrive, Salesforce and more!
  • Based on your specifications, we are happy to perform Medspa Virtual or Live Consultations and make recommendations for services + products. 
  • Your customers even have the option of Video Chat Consultations for cosmetics or skincare assessments [Coming Soon!]
Virtual Assistant
  • We'll complete items on your To-Do List as needed or on a fixed regular schedule
  • We can perform Outbound Client Follow-ups + Client Check-ins
  • We can reach out to Cold Leads and Churned Clients for recovery
  • We can complete Client Intake Interviews, Discovery Calls, or Lead Qualification
  • We can promote and transmit Client Offers + Specials, Emails, Newsletters, Text Messages, or Letters to segments of your client base
  • We can help you complete Data Entry, Data Analysis, or generate custom Business Data Dashboards
We work with all aspects of medical spas & aesthetics.

✓⃝ Medical Spas and Medispas
✓⃝ Aesthetic Medical Practice
✓⃝ Cosmetic MDs, PAs, and NPs

✓⃝ Cosmetic Dentists

✓⃝ Wellness Practices
✓⃝ Fitness + Athletic Studios​

✓⃝ Saunas + Massage Bars
✓⃝ Boutiques Salons and Spas


We can handle it all, and we're HIPAA COMPLIANT.

Our receptionists are all required to have experience in the med-spa industry - many of them are licensed aestheticians. They have extensive knowledge of all common treatments and procedures, and can assuage your patients' concerns or trepidations about undergoing a procedure for the first time.

✓⃝ Estimated Service Quantity & Frequency
​✓⃝ Service Duration

✓⃝ Contraindications, Risks, and Downtime
​✓⃝ Sales-Oriented Calls

Our Medical Spa Answering Service Features

Bespoke Service

Our Medical Answering Service is customized to the unique needs of beauty + lifestyle businesses.

Custom Greeting

You can select a custom advertisement or song to play when clients call.

US-Based Receptionists

All of our Medspa Live Receptionists are based in Massachusetts; 92% have or are pursuing a Bachelor's degree.

High-Quality Service

We intensively train our Virtual Receptionists on the principles of white-glove client service.

Task Management

We can act as a Medspa "Virtual Assistant" for your business and support common tasks.

Portal + Concierge

Your will have 24/7 access to a custom portal and convenient access to our Client Concierge Team.


Our Virtual Receptionists are required to have at least 2 years experience in the industries we support.


We can integrate directly into your Online Calendar, CRM, Order Management Software, etc.

Free Follow Up

We relay messages to you at no extra charge via SMS.

Custom Call Routing

Our Answering Service is customized to the unique needs of beauty + lifestyle businesses.

Small Teams

Our Aesthetics Receptionists work within small teams to ensure that they are well-trained on your protocol.

Text for Totals

With convenient pay-per-call billing, view your real-time usage 24/7 via text and manage your expenses.

When searching for a Medical Spa Answering Service, 



Our Live Virtual Receptionists become an extension of your brand and an excellent first-line of your business. The beauty + lifestyle industries draw in $400+ billion annually; an increasingly competitive retail landscape make it imperative that you extend the highest quality of instant assistance. Our pre-existing training in medical aesthetics eliminates the need for expensive monthly minimums, training fees, and long-term contracts; we are an excellent option for indie & start-up businesses.

Why your Medspa Needs an Answering Service.

my salon desk medspa service

① Growth Potential

Medspas, Medical Spas, and Aesthetic Medicine Practices are anticipated to experience record level growth at a CAGR of 12.96% in 2024. Stop losing clients by keeping your phones monitored.

 Saved Time

If you're struggling to answer phone calls in a timely fashion, or feeling overwhelmed with managerial responsibilities, now's the time to outsource to a Medspa Answering Service or Virtual Receptionist. 

 Better Client Satisfaction

We're the only business process outsource agency that maintains a specialty in the Medical Spa industry, and the only one with a verifiable track record. Having an immediate, live response to client inquiries makes a world of difference.











Our Medspa Virtual Receptionists can Schedule Appointments.

medspa virtual receptionist scheduling

Most Generic Answering Services do not integrate with software that is well-suited for Medical Spas and Aesthetic Medical Practices. We are proud to support Full-Service Calendaring (including appointment booking, rescheduling, and cancellations).

Our Live Answering Service can schedule appointments accurately with the expertise needed to simplify your workflow - we can give rough estimates of aesthetic treatment quantities and pricing over the phone, and we can 

Accounts with over 200 monthly calls can also access a slew of service upgrades, including custom scripting, software integrations, and automations.

Aesthetic Record EMR

Vagaro App - Salon Booking App, Spa Booking App, Fitness Booking App

Quality is important when outsourcing critical business functions of your medical spa or aesthetics practice. Don't make the mistake of using a generic answering service that doesn't maintain a medspa specialty, or using a service without credibility or reviews. You wouldn't expect your patients to book with you without any testimonials or experience, so why select an unqualified phone service?

My Salon Desk has been in operation since 2019 and served hundreds of salons and spas around the US and Canada. We are the only Medspa Virtual Receptionist service that has bonafide expertise in handling high-end & white-glove clientele service - we've serviced beauty businesses with celebrity clients, as well as those who regularly revenue $30,000+ within one day.

medspa lead outreach

Instant Lead Outreach.

The Medical Spa Industry can be extremely competitive at times, leading to a need for often expensive marketing initiatives. 

Why you do what you do? What is your passion? Here is where you can just let go. Now is when you let them know. Zoho Sites, your site, your story. Click here to add your story.







We can support medical spas & aesthetics.

✓⃝ Saves Valuable Time
​✓⃝ Provides Freedom in your Day
​✓⃝ Skilled in Medspa Aesthetics

​✓⃝ Supports Clinical Beauty

✓⃝ HIPAA-Approved & Secure
✓⃝ Highly Rated
✓⃝ Works w/ Aesthetic Record®

✓⃝ Compatible w/ Boulevard®

✓⃝ Remote Practice Management
✓⃝ Virtual Assistant

✓⃝ Customizable Service
​✓⃝ Fast Client Service


Hear from our Clients.

We support businesses of all sizes and from all specialities in the medical aesthetics industry.

medspa answering service client

"My Salon Desk is simple to implement and actually works. It's been an incredible help over the past years, we're grateful for your support!"


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medspa answering service client

"Answering calls as they come in is key to good customer service. My Salon Desk is getting people booked when they call - it's been wonderful."



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Other tasks, scripts, note-taking, reports, Add-Ons (e.g. collecting client credit card info), or special requests are considered Customizations and are available by request.


You'll be assigned a Forwarding Number where your calls can be forwarded or we can provide you with a new Business Phone Number.

You choose when to forward calls- we're here to support you for up to 80+ hours each week. 

Our receptionists professionally + warmly answer your forwarded calls in your business' name.
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Our receptionists leverage existing industry expertise to answer your clients' general inquiries about your services, treatments + product offerings.

In addition, we answer questions regarding your:

▪️ Location

▪️ Directions
 ▪️ Price Menu ▪️ Policies
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We book appointmentsbased on your client's requests - we can evencollect credit card information!

Full-service Calendaring including appointment cancellations + rescheduling via a staff login can be added for an additional cost.

Our Complimentary Booking feature is compatible with Boulevard®, Mangomint® and more - any booking platform that offers simple online booking.
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Our Answering Service Pricing.

Visit the link below to learn more.

For Other Services.

Visit the link below to learn more.

Customize your Plan with Add-Ons.


Unlike most other answering services, we charge per call, not the minute. This simplifies and streamlines our service, and also incentivizes better quality client support.


You can easily cap spending at the price-point of your choosing with our fixed pay-per-call Answering Service billing and enjoy no hidden fees.


We move quickly + efficiently here at My Salon Desk - once you subscribe to a plan, we can have your service up + running within 1-2 days. 

Some of our Plan Add-Ons...
Business Phone Number

Offer professionalism to your clients by getting a dedicated business phone number with the local area code of your choosing.

Custom Welcome Greeting

You can leverage the moment of time before client calls are connected to our receptionists to boost branding, marketing, and client education efforts - play a custom recorded greeting before every call connects.

Voicemail Service

Normally after hours you'd have to re-route calls back to your phone line. If you'd like, we can review + respond to your messages - and you can save yourself the trouble of turning on and off your forwarding settings daily.

Instant Call Notification

If you need to know who's calling at all times, we can easily send a text message containing the incoming caller's phone number and the timestamp immediately after each call.

Specialty Support Add-On

One Specialty Support Type is included with service - add additional Specialty Support types to further customize your Virtual Receptionist service.

IVR Menu

Route Calls appropriately using a custom developed IVR, which will enable your customers to obtain necessary information without using your Plan balance.

Complex Task Completion

Get support with forms of Virtual Assistant support included within our Specialty Support Service that require advanced training, knowledge + additional time from our Receptionists.

Extended Hours

While our Standard Operating Hours are between 9 AM and 7:30 PM in all time zones, we do have the ability to answer calls between 6 AM and 12 AM (midnight) EST.

We know Ecommerce.

Read more about how My Salon Desk supported Tanya Hill and professional salon distributor Beauty for Good


Complete four easy steps to begin your business journey with My Salon Desk!


Select + Subscribe to a Plan that best suits your business needs and volume - arrange a call to learn more.


Your Concierge will immediately contact you to complete our self-guided intake process.


You can upgrade your plan to add Voicemail Service, SMS + other offerings within our client portal.


You can start using your service typically within 1-2 days! 

Schedule a Discovery Call today.


General Questions

Are your Receptionists US-based or in another country?

We're proudly based in the USA (BOSTON to be exact), as are all of our Receptionists!

Our receptionists are all based within our home state, meaning they are very familiar with North American beauty protocol and product lines. We NEVER use foreign-based Receptionists. 

Just FYI, we require our Suites Receptionists to have at least 2 years of professional industry experience within their respective industries. Fun fact: over 90% of our receptionists have a bachelor's degree or are currently pursuing one! Being in a town with so many great universities, it's no surprise that our receptionists are wicked smart (Boston joke!).

What Scheduling Software do you Support?
How does the Onboarding Process Work?
​It can take as little as 1-2 days - we're here for you every step of the way.

Our Business Development Team + your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will support you on your journey towards My Salon Desk Service.

What industries do you work with?

Any business involved in beauty, cosmetology, aesthetics, fashion, fitness, or wellness.

We certainly know beauty: Blowouts, Barbering, Cuts, Color, Braids, Weaves, Extensions, Up-Dos, Weddings, Makeup Artistry, Lash Extensions, Permanent Makeup, Brow Design, Manicures + Pedicures, Nail Design, Ear Piercing, Tattoo Art, General Aesthetics (facials, light peels, derma planing, Microderm, etc.), Wax + Sugar Hair Removal, Laser Hair Removal, Massage + Reflexology, Cryolipsosis (e.g. Coolsculpting®), EMS, Radiofrequency, Microneedling, Dermal Fillers, Wrinkle name it!

Manufacturers of beauty devices such as hair straighteners, curling irons, hair dryers, facial rollers, steamers, EMS or Radiofrequency machines, LED light therapy machines, in-home laser or IPL machines will be well served by our Virtual Receptionists. Retailers of cosmetics and skincare products can rest assured that their customers will receive white-glove service across multiple channels.

Fashion apparel retailers, jewelry purveyors, bridal boutique owners and fashion boutique owners, and other retailers will all experience an improved workflow by implementing a live Remote Call Center.

In addition to general gym + fitness centers, our live Virtual Receptionists are familiar with popular boutique fitness offerings such as Spin Cycling, Yoga, Pilates, Pole Fitness, Dance Studios, Weight Training, Crossfit, and Barre Fitness. 

Wellness providers such as Nutritionists, Juice Bar / Fresh Food purveyors, Meal Delivery Services, Personal Trainers, Life Coaches, Wellness Coaches, Counselors, Massage Therapists, and IV Therapy providers can also benefit from a bespoke Answering Service.

How do you protect the privacy of clients + customers?

We take privacy seriously.

All of our communication methods are protected with the highest levels of security and encryption - our phone systems are both PCI and HIPAA-compliant and meet SOC 2 security standards. In line with our Terms of Service we do not make any claims to the client or customer data in your software.

Calls & Call Handling

How do I forward calls?

It's very simple.

Everyday you'll follow two easy steps to manage your service!

1.  Dial *72 + forwarding number to begin transferring calls to us (*21 + forwarding number + # in the UK)

2. Dial *73 at anytime to stop forwarding your calls to us.

You can also program your phone's IVR menu to forward calls our way.

How do you handle calls?

​You'll complete an Intake Questionnaire.

Upon subscription, you'll complete an approximately 10-20 minute Intake Questionnaire that will provide enough information for us to professionally answer your calls. Our receptionists are industry-experienced and highly trained in the provision of white-glove service, so you can save yourself the trouble of providing additional scripts or training.

The standards of our FAQ Answering Service are:

1. Our receptionists professionally answer your clients' calls in your business's name

2. Our receptionists answer any inquiries leveraging their existing industry acumen + your unique business details

3. We forward client-specific messages as needed via text message (or within your CRM)

In addition, 1 Specialty Support is included with all Plans. Customize your Answering Service Plan by selecting Appointment Setting and Scheduling, Order + Payment Processing, CRM support via Zendesk® integration, and custom Task Management.

Any other notes, scripts, reports, tasks, are not included as part of our standard service offering and may incur additional costs. 

Do you make outbound calls or texts?


We can confirm appointments, follow-up on concerns, collect name it!

How are Voicemails handled?

We can help with that!

We offer Voicemail Service, through which we'll handle phone calls forwarded our way after hours - we'll listen to and address any voicemails received the following day, and make follow-up calls if needed. 

How do I receive updates regarding clients?

By text message, or App Notification.

Your scheduling software or CRM mobile app will automatically send SMS messages and app notifications for any new, edited, or canceled appointment as well as other notifications  We also will transmit any client-specific inquiries we receive by phone as SMS messages.

Welcome to the Future of Beauty.

We at My Salon Desk are pleased to support the next wave of beauty entrepreneurs seeking a high-tech approach to business.

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