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Salon and spa answering service


The 1st Virtual Receptionist for salons + spas in the US + Canada.

Never miss a client inquiry again - attract more new bookings by providing round-the-clock customer service.  Free yourself from the stress of client calls + texts by subscribing to a plan. For a salon, spa, or stylist, office tasks takes time away from engaging with clients and focusing on  clients inside the salon.

If we book you just 1 appointment a month, 

our service could pay for itself

*Our service is also tax-deductible.*


Voice Calls

SMS / Text + 

Social Media

Email + Webchat

We can handle it all.

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A P P T   B O O K I N G

We can book + reschedule appointments directly into your booking software.

H I G H - Q U A L I T Y

Our associates are all required to hold experience in high-end client service.

I N D U S T R Y   P R O

Our associates are licensed cosmetologists, estheticians, or beauty professionals.


Because of their industry experience, our associates can up-sell appointments.

Welcome to the Future of Beauty.

Let us act as your tech-powered salon or spa "front desk". Our virtual receptionists work remotely to answer your clients' calls, texts + web-chats while extending white-glove service. Unlike most other answering services, our receptionists all have professional experience within the beauty industry and are extensively trained in multiple fields of cosmetology + aesthetics, professional product knowledge, salon / spa management software, and sales strategy.

Salon + Spa Virtual Reception

We answer your client calls so you don't have to - return your focus to the clients in your chair, not the ones calling on the phone. We provide omnichannel reception across multiple platforms to support the workflow of your business, and can also collaborate with you on strategies for client retention.

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Salon + Spa Marketing Support

In today's social tech-obsessed age, digital presence is vital to a successful salon or spa business. In addition to providing attractive social media content, we can help you craft a custom digital marketing strategy to boost client conversion via both paid advertising and organic reach.

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Reputation Management

Ratings can make or break a beauty business - dissatisfied clients are twice as likely to make their feelings known across platforms such as Yelp + Google. However, research shows that 70% of such clients are willing to give a you a 2nd chance. Let us assuage your unhappy clients and keep the satisfied ones coming back.            

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Complete four easy steps to begin your business journey with My Salon Desk!


First, Select + Subscribe to a Voice Plan that best suits your business needs and volume.


Your Concierge will immediately contact you to begin completing our intake process.


Within 24 hours, you will receive your new number or instructions for call forwarding. 


You can upgrade your plan to add SMS + other offerings within our client portal.

A L W A Y S   I N N O V A T I N G .
Keep track of your usage - instantly.

Using our Text for Totals feature, you can text us anytime to receive an instant update with your plan usage. Monitor your usage and effectively manage your budget.

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salon and spa answering service

Benefits of a Salon + Spa Answering Service

There are many benefits to offering an answering service for your salon or spa business. 

Make More Money.

Never miss a client inquiry again - attract more new bookings by providing round-the-clock customer service. We also help with up-selling appointments.

Boost your Productivity.

Answering the phone takes time away from engaging with clients and focusing on other tasks. Free yourself from the stress of client calls + texts by subscribing to a plan.

Be Professional.

Offering an answering service removes the chaotic, frazzled aura of many salons and spas. When your business appears more professional, you attract a higher-quality clientele.

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Are you looking to super-charge your beauty business?

we have the tools you need to reach the next level.

the beauty world is fabulous, but not easy. 

Plastic surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, Nurse Aestheticians, and other professionals are increasingly being faced with more competition in the med-spa field. 

Along with your clinical training, you'll need excellent business solutions + high-caliber, white glove client service to stand out. 

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Our strategies are simple to follow, and they actually work.

salon spa virtual receptionist

Cameron Peator

Salon Owner

$ More Money $

Cameron increased her monthly earnings by $6,300 after three months of virtual reception and business solutions.

Client Satisfaction

Cameron's average online ratings increased from 3.8 to 4.2 across all platforms, and she gained key followers in her local market.

Brand Deals

Cameron's custom marketing strategy boosted her engagement so much that she earned a collaboration deal with an indie brand!

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Build Your Clientele.

Beauty pros tend to be fully booked within months of adding our services.

Increase Your Earnings.

Grow your luxury brand so you can charge luxury prices.