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My Salon Desk helps clients book more appointments + earn higher profits. 

We convert more than 90% of 1st time callers into clients with scheduled appointments. Our skilled receptionists can convey the knowledge + confidence needed to convince clients to book.

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Complete four easy steps to begin your business journey with My Salon Desk!


First, Select + Subscribe to a Voice Plan that best suits your business needs and volume.


Your Concierge will immediately contact you to begin completing our self-guided intake process.


Typically within no more than 24 hours, you will receive your new number or instructions for call forwarding. 


You can upgrade your plan to add SMS + other offerings within our client portal.

​PLEASE REVIEW Our Appointment Booking Software Requirements.

Please review the following requirements carefully - adherence is essential to maintaining our high standards of service.

The requirements below are applicable to the administrative back-end of your software - we don't utilize client-facing booking widgets or websites.

Pre-Approved Software

NOTE: We only work with Vagaro©, Meevo© + MindBody© (Booker) for solo (single staff) businesses.

We have pre-approved all common web-based salon + spa booking options. If you opt to use a software not commonly used for spas and salons, you should review the specifications to ensure that it meets our requirements.

As a standard, we collect your clients' name, phone number, and email address. If you'd like us to collect additional information, please refer to our pricing for service customizations for more information.
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    Cloud / Web Based

    Unfortunately our system does not support software that requires app or desktop downloads. We don't transmit notifications regarding new appointments, appointment updates, cancellations, etc - please ensure that your software will notify you accordingly.

    Unique Login

    We require a unique login and password for our use - your login information will be securely encrypted in our system, and will not be visible to our receptionists.

    Service / Treatment Names

    Please ensure that the service / treatment names in your software will be easily recognized and well organized into sub-menus + service categories. We ask that you limit the use of unusual acronyms and avoid making multiple service lines with similar names. We may not be a great fit for salons with stylist "levels" (master, senior, junior, etc.) who cannot program price differences and instead have different variations of the same service for each level.

    Scheduling Parameters    

    Each stylist or practitioner within your salon / spa should have their own unique schedule featuring their availability. Any unique parameters like pricing, custom durations, Master vs. Junior Stylist designations, etc. should be programmed into your software as well. Any other scheduling requirements (e.g. services that can only be performed on a certain day, payment collection, required consultations, service add-ons, etc.) must also be directly programmed within your software without the use of sticky or pop-up notes.

    Multiple Service Order

    Multi-stylist appointments in which a client is shared between 2 or more stylists within the same service must be fully programmed into your software. We currently book no more than 2 consecutive hair appointments in the order of Color services first, then Cuts, and lastly Styling - any other service orders must be programmed into your software. In some cases, the ability to book multi-service appointments may be limited based on your scheduling software capabilities. Group appointment requests or requests for multiple dates may be directly forwarded to you unless otherwise noted.

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    F Y I

    Almost 100% of our current clients opt to add Voicemail Service to their Plans to avoid the hassle of turning on and off their forwarding settings everyday!

    STEP 1

    My Salon Desk Voice Plans

    Pick the plan best suited to your needs - use previous phone records to guess-timate the best plan for you - excess usage fees apply to all Voice Plans. Your billing cycle won't officially begin until your intake process is completed and your phone lines are activated.

    Please review the pricing page for excess call costs. If your account has high rates of excess utilization, you'll ultimately be required to subscribe to a Plan with a higher call volume. 

    Review Pricing

    SALON + SPA Low Volume

    50 calls / month

    ​​120 calls / month

    Need Help Selecting a Plan?

    Estimate by reviewing your call logs, or guessing your average call volume per hour throughout the day. Please note that there is an additional cost for excess call usage - please review our pricing page for details.

    If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.


    SALON + SPA Medium / High Volume

    Rising Talent
    ​​​300 calls / month

    500 calls / month

    ​​750 calls / month

    Are you looking for service for your Salon Suite?

    We offer affordable volume plans customized to the unique needs of a modern + high-tech Suite operation.



    *Required for Any Business Performing Medical Aesthetics Procedures

    Low Volume
    55 calls / month

    Medium Volume
    ​​150 calls / month

    High Volume
    ​​300 calls / month

    STEP  2

    Your personal Concierge awaits!

    All of our clients are assigned a My Salon Desk Concierge who provides white glove service. After signing up, you will instantly receive an email directing you to complete a detailed intake survey about your business + operation, so that we can best serve your customers.

    STEP  3

    Get Started!

    Once we complete the intake process, you will be notified of your new business phone number or call forwarding instructions within 24 hours.

    STEP  4

    Plan Upgrades

    Add SMS + Other Offerings 

    Let's get digital! Impress your Millennial and Gen Z clients with instant support on the fly. Select your desired upgrades after logging into your portal. 

    Have More Questions?

    Get in touch!

    Notable Terms + Conditions


    Our receptionist service hours are 8 am to 9 pm in all US + Canada time zones, 7 days a week. We are only closed on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving + Christmas. On bank holidays we close early at 2 pm. Hours may be subject to change, but ample advance notice will be provided.


    All charges must be prepaid in advance- we bill automatically for each service cycle. Unused services cannot be carried over to subsequent months, but plans can be paused due to government-imposed shutdown orders.


    Your service cycle begins the first day of full service after your phone lines are established, or as otherwise noted.  Overage charges apply for excess service utilization and will be automatically billed each month.


    You may keep your existing business phone number, or you may obtain a new business phone number. Any forwarding numbers remain the property of My Salon Desk. 

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