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Enjoy 50% Off Onboarding Costs for a Limited Time.


First, Select + Subscribe to a Voice Plan that best suits your business needs and volume.


Your Concierge will immediately contact you to begin completing our self-guided intake process.


Typically within no more than 3-7 days, you will receive your call forwarding details. 


You can upgrade your plan to add SMS + other offerings within our client portal.


Please review our service standards carefully - any other tasks, scripts, note-taking, reports, Add-Ons (e.g. collecting client credit card info), or special requests are considered Customizations and may incur additional costs.


You'll be assigned a Forwarding Number where your calls can be forwarded or we can provide you with a new Business Phone Number.

You choose when to forward calls- we're here to support you for up to 80+ hours each week. 

Our receptionists professionally + warmly answer your forwarded calls in your business' name.
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Our receptionists leverage existing industry expertise to answer your clients' general inquiries about your services, treatments + product offerings.

In addition, we answer questions regarding your:

▪️ Location

▪️ Directions
 ▪️ Price Menu ▪️ Policies
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We book appointmentsbased on your client's requests - we can evencollect credit card information!

Full-Service Calendaring including appt. cancellations/rescheduling via a staff login can be added for an add'l cost.

Our Complimentary Booking feature is compatible with Boulevard®, Mangomint® and more - any booking platform that offers simple online booking.
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Process and  PROTOCOL.

Do you book group appointments (2+ guests), wedding parties, multi-service packages, etc?
No, any complex booking requests will be forwarded by text message.

Can I provide you with special booking instructions? For example: I only like to book manicures on Mondays and Tuesdays.
We require that ALL scheduling requests are directly programmed into your software. Any service customizations must be pre-approved by our Business Development & IT Teams.

Can you take credit cards on file?
Yes, depending on your software we can implement the Payment Support Add-On (additional costs apply). Please contact us to learn if this Add-On is available for your account.

We can perform full-service scheduling via staff login including Appointment Booking, Cancellations + Rescheduling for an additional fee. Most salon + spa cloud-based scheduling platform is usually compatible, but kindly review the following section on Scheduling Parameters to ensure that you're remaining within our protocol. 

No pop-up notes or requests for us to enter additional information beyond client name, email + phone number are permitted without prior approval. 

Please note that our Receptionists are exclusively authorized to access calendaring features - they do not generally access client history, notes, payments, etc. 


ALL SCHEDULING REQUIREMENTS MUST BE DIRECTLY PROGRAMMED WITHIN YOUR SOFTWARE. Each stylist or practitioner within your salon / spa should have their own unique schedule featuring their availability. Any unique parameters like pricing, custom durations, Master vs. Junior Stylist designations, etc. should be programmed into your software as well. Booking should be intuitive without the need for any training, guides, etc.

If you don't use Boulevard software and you operate a multi-specialty business, you also must indicate the service provider specialty after their name within your software; for example: 

Ashley (Nails)

Any other scheduling requirements MUST also be directly programmed within your software:

  • Services that can only be performed on a certain day
  • Services that need to be scheduled into certain time-slots  
  • Service Add-Ons

Features that are only available depending on your software:

  • Simultaneous/double bookings are only possible using built-in Processing Time + Finishing Time features
Our Complimentary Appointment Booking Add-On that offer online booking WITHOUT the need for logging in. We work with almost all common salon and spa software options including Boulevard®, Mangomint® and more. 

As a standard, we collect your clients' Name, Phone number, and Email address. We don't manually transmit notifications regarding new appointments, appointment updates, cancellations, etc - please ensure that your software will notify you accordingly. 

All calls must be initiated by your clients / patients and directly forwarded from your business number without any recordings or prompts to key in digits. If you are seeking to forward overflow calls only, we strongly suggest that you consult with us to ensure technical compatibility.

Please note that call set-ups featuring multiple steps of forwarding tend to be rife with technical issues such as reduced sound quality and delays; forwarding services via integrations such as Call Rail®, Nimbata®, or 3rd-Party Marketing Software are strictly prohibited unless you have obtained prior authorization from our IT Team.

Our service primarily supports inbound calls - outbound marketing calls are not included in our Plans (this includes inbound calls that require us to connect to an outbound call with your lead). We are happy to develop custom Outbound Marketing solutions as Plan upgrades - please inquire for details.


Please ensure that the service / treatment names in your software will be easily recognized and well organized into sub-menus + service categories. We also ask that you limit the use of unusual acronyms and avoid making multiple service lines with similar names. 



▪️ We're happy to forward scheduling requests as messages! 

▪️ We can sometimes make exceptions for Plans with 200+ Monthly Calls.

Need More Service Customizations? Consider our Virtual Assistant Service.

If you're unable to program all of your scheduling preferences into your chosen software, don't fear! Certain requests can be accommodated using our team of expertly trained Virtual Assistants.

save with a term commitment.

We provide generous savings for Plans prepaid within a term commitment. If you'd like to make month-to-month payments, we can also provide a custom payment plan.

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Pick the plan best suited to your needs - use previous phone records to estimate the best plan for you - excess usage fees apply to all Voice Plans. We don't provide refunds so please consider Trial or consult with us prior to subscribing if you have any questions - we're happy to help!

We don't provide refunds so please consider an EXPLORE Plan or consult with us prior to subscribing if you have any questions - we're happy to help!


3 - D A Y  T R I A L

A simplified version of our Virtual Reception offering.

Appt. Booking Included for a limited time.


If you'd prefer to pay by credit/debit card, you'll also have to upload a copy of your driver's license for identity verification to complete onboarding.

Need EXPRESS Onboarding? You'll be able to add it after you Subscribe. No Add-Ons are included - view Add-On pricing here: Plans + Pricing.

50 contacts / month

Voice Calls or SMS.

enjoy Reduced Onboarding.

​​120 contacts / month

Voice Calls or SMS.

enjoy Reduced Onboarding.


Almost 100% of our clients opt to add Voicemail Service to avoid the hassle of adjusting forwarding settings everyday!


(Injectables, Cryotherapy, Microneedling, etc.)

If you'd prefer to pay by credit/debit card, you'll also have to upload a copy of your driver's license for identity verification to complete onboarding.

Need EXPRESS Onboarding? You'll be able to add it after you Subscribe. No Add-Ons are included - view Add-On pricing here: Plans + Pricing.

Level I
50 contacts / month

Voice Calls or SMS.

Enjoy Reduced Onboarding.

Level II
​​120 contacts / month

Voice Calls or SMS.

Enjoy Reduced Onboarding.

Level III
​​200 calls / month
Contact us for details.

S E L E C T   A   P L A N


Complete your Intake Process.

After signing up, you will instantly receive an email directing you to complete a detailed intake survey about your business + operation, so that we can best serve your customers. Your Service Cycle won't actually begin until you complete the onboarding process - no need to worry!

Notable Terms + Conditions.


Our receptionist service hours vary depending on your Plan. We are only closed on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving + Christmas. On other holidays like Easter, Black Friday, and Christmas Eve, we can offer service until 2 pm for an added cost. 


All Plans must be prepaid in advance - we bill automatically for each service cycle. Unused services cannot be carried over to subsequent months, and plans can only be paused due to government-imposed shutdown orders.


Your service cycle begins the first day of full service after your phone lines are established, or as otherwise noted.  As a standard, we only handle inquiries regarding your service menu, location, direction and policies.


You may keep your existing business phone number, or you may obtain a new business phone number. Any forwarding numbers remain the property of My Salon Desk. 

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