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3 Ways to Operate your Salon or Spa without a Front-Desk Receptionist
My Salon Desk is excited to announce a ground-breaking partnership with an up-and-coming force in beauty business education - who also just so happens to be one of our current clients!
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March 12, 2022 12:07 AM - Comment(s)
The Best Professional Voicemail Greeting Examples for Salons and Spas

It's not a surprise that the first impression you leave on your client is often through voicemail. A professional greeting can make your clients feel at ease when they call in to book their service appointment but are unable to speak to a live person. The greeting can make or break whether someone d...

My Salon Desk
August 24, 2021 09:09 PM - Comment(s)
Checklist for Developing a Training Manual for Your Salon or Spa Receptionists at the Front Desk

 Want to impress your clients with a helpful, extremely organized and friendly receptionist? Are you looking for a confident yet friendly receptionist who makes the spa experience even more relaxing for your clients? Gone are the days when receptionists were viewed as luxury - the front desk is...

My Salon Desk
August 07, 2021 09:41 PM - Comment(s)