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Checklist for Developing a Training Manual for Your Salon or Spa Receptionists at the Front Desk

August 07, 2021 09:41 PM

"Effective Front Desk Training Can Maximize Salon or Spa Profits - We've Compiled the Best Salon + Spa Training Checklist for 2021."

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 Want to impress your clients with a helpful, extremely organized and friendly receptionist? Are you looking for a confident yet friendly receptionist who makes the spa experience even more relaxing for your clients? Gone are the days when receptionists were viewed as luxury - the front desk is the first point of contact for your business that leaves a lasting impression on potential new clients. There is no denying the fact that they are a marketing tool that possess great value - from enhancing average ticket spend to boosting your retail salesFrom attracting new clients to improving the loyalty of existing clients, it's clear that an effective reception team is an excellent investment. 

As a salon or spa operator, it can be challenging to develop your own staff training independently. You probably have so many moving pieces to your business that it can be hard to keep track! In order to support you as you create an effective and powerful training for your salon or spa receptionists, we've developed a must-follow checklist for your convenience.

Qualities of an Effective Salon or Spa Receptionist

Before we begin, let's discuss the hiring process! If you're reviewing this article, you've probably already decided on a hire and are simply looking for training resources. However, if your receptionists lack a certain assortment of interpersonal skills your training efforts will be futile. Before moving forward with your chosen hire, ensure that he or she possesses the following characteristics: 

▫️ Effective communication skills 

▫️Confident composure 




▫️Professional attitude 



▫️Technical skills 



▫️ Quick-witted 






Many beauty professionals prefer to hire friends, family, or mutual contacts for their front desk staff, but that may lead to inefficiency and turnover as you struggle to command authority. We recommend posting your job on free job boards such as Indeed or Glassdoor to optimize your applicant pool. The more candidates apply, the more likely you are to find your perfect receptionist!

Salon or Spa Receptionist Training Checklist

Opening + Closing

A receptionist should make sure to be very punctual about the opening and closing and to do the necessary activities before starting the day off at spa. Make sure to consider who is responsible for opening doors, turning on lights, tidying up, checking mail, etc.

Balancing Cash Drawers

Balancing the cash drawer is one of the most critical responsibilities a receptionist has to handle. Cash-on-hand is undoubtedly risky and requires great consideration. Whether it is balancing routinely, utilizing data through technical resources or staying organized, it is an important business duty. Try to minimize cash-on-hand by encouraging digital payments. 

Following are some practices to follow for effective balancing:

1. Counting the total cash before starting the day 

2. Depositing the cash through organized shifts 

3. Keeping track of POS report 

4. Counting the cash of each drawer 

5. Solve discrepancies 

6. Recording the drawer transaction 

Maintaining Cleanliness

Who doesn’t want to be more productive and efficient with their work? Productivity requires organization, and in a salon or spa that includes keeping the front desk neat and tidy. It will make your front desk staff more relaxed within their work while being less-frustrated. 

  1. Clear the front desk and de-clutter
  2. Wipe the entire workspace with disinfectant
  3. Sweep and dust mop all floors
  4. Clean all service stations, including mirrors

Phone Etiquette

The phone interaction can lead to a healthy client relationship or either jeopardize it - your receptionist needs to expertly master phone etiquette. Receptionists need to reflect confidence, right communication, positivity and professionalism. Every spa and salon looks for a consistent call experience to gain clients and boost their sales. The following protocol are must-haves for a flourishing business:

  • Answering calls promptly: Don’t keep the caller waiting for excessive periods of time. 
  • Answer in a cheerful and optimistic tone - you are making the first impression on your clients.
  • Take advantage of the time you have to suggest upgrades and service add-ons - a phone call is the perfect time to begin the sales cycle!
  • Consider whether you'd like to also implement confirmation calls.

Additional Covid Precautions

In view of current pandemic situation and new variants of virus emerging, it is important to take precautionary measures including:

  • Washing the hands after meeting with any client 
  • Sanitizing the workstation 
  • Discarding the items after using 
  • Laundering + Replacing the towels 
  • Making sure that all clients sanitizes their hands before receiving their service

Encourage Service Upgrades + Sales

A receptionist need to motivate and encourage clients to receive more services. Offer affordable services and retail products based on their existing budgets. Excite them about any limited time offers and specials to urge them to upgrade their services. While every client may not agree to an upgrade, over time accumulated upgrades will definitely boost the sales. 

A receptionist should describe concrete and enticing benefits while using descriptive language. Encourage the clients to purchase the products that will make their skin have the glow and the hair have the skin they have been longing for! 

  • Ensure that your receptionist knows specific information regarding the product ingredients and formulation
  • Educate them on how to appropriately use the products within the styling process 
  • Avoid rambling about products they clearly don't want

Proper In-Person Greetings

Welcome in-person customers with a nice and pleasing smile. Do not forget to maintain effective eye contact. Their gestures should indicate that they enjoy working where they work. Whether your receptionist is taking a client’s call or managing your desk, nothing should stop them from greeting your guest in the warmest manner. If a new customer walks in, express your gratitude and tell them you are excited to see them. Make sure to thank them for choosing your service. 

Salon Software

You won’t want the customers to have negative experiences at your salon due to double bookings or other conflicts regarding lost appointments and salon scheduling. This can be even an even greater nightmare for the owner. Train your receptionist thoroughly on software protocol, and provide them with the contact information of the software support desk. Take advantage of free trainings provided by the software.

To avoid consistent issues, you should always develop a schedule for checking emails, social media messages, or texts. As a reminder, be sure to demand professionalism across all communication platforms!


Salon Pre-Booking

To keep your calendar filled, you'll need to maintain repeat clients by maintaining positive relations with your clients. A receptionist should make sure to follow the following steps to have more repeat clients:

  • Ask clients to about their service to gauge their satisfaction before they leave
  • Gently encourage them to pre-book within the appropriate timeframe, but don't be too pushy - you don't want to end up with unwanted cancellations!
  • Train your receptionist on new weekly exclusive offers and how to implement referral bonuses 
  • Be sure to thank your clients regardless of whether they've booked a new appointment 
  • Connect with clients via social media + email - encourage clients to post photos using custom hashtag.

Consider a Salon + Spa Virtual Receptionist Answering Service

After reviewing this checklist, you may be overwhelmed by the task of hiring and training a new front desk receptionist for your salon or spa. Are you in search of a confident and organized receptionist which fulfills all the responsibilities and relieves the burden on your shoulder? 

Finding one and then training her to your needs is not an easy task. It has been made tougher during the ongoing pandemic which has taken over the world and slowed hiring activities. If you are a small spa or salon looking for a virtual assistant receptionist, My Salon Desk has got you all covered with their trained virtual receptionists everyday between 9 AM and 7:30 PM.

Whether you need support with overflow calls or you're a smaller business in which a receptionist is not economical, our excellent and highly trained virtual receptionists can deal with it all. With expertise in white-glove service together with beauty-related services + products, they can boost salon + spa revenues. Our receptionists are required to posses industry experience, and are expertly trained in providing white-glove service. Leveraging their beauty background, they can answer your clients' inquiries and book + edit appointments directly into your salon scheduling software. Our MedSpa specialty receptionists will successfully convert new leads seeking Botox®, Coolsculpting®, Juvederm®, Restylane®, Morpheus 8®, EmSculpt®, and other leading cosmical procedures. Get in touch today to learn more about how we can support your business!

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