Salon & Spa Answering Service + 'Selfie Awareness' = Growth.

06.12.20 06:27 PM

"Within Spas + Salons, photography-based content marketing is now king."

Attracting Clientele to your Salon or Spa | My Salon Desk

The past decade has ushered in a revolution in the way we interact with one another. Social media has empowered everyday Americans to generate massive platforms of influence. Content is trending towards being more video and image based as platforms such as Instagram and Tik Tok have now taken prominence over platforms like Facebook and Myspace (doesn't Myspace seem ANCIENT now!?). 

No industry has benefitted from this like the beauty industry - salons + spas tend to enjoy some of the highest lead conversion rates in digital media advertising due to how enticing our photographs can be. High-quality photo content is far more compelling than print ads alone - it evokes a sense of consumer envy, which is when a consumer is so enamored by how a service or object worked for another person that they desire it for themselves. 

I'm sure many salon + spa entrepreneurs have probably noticed that some of your social media posts with the most engagement are the ones with glamour shots of your gorgeous clients after you've worked your magic. Many successful stylists and beauty pros have found that compelling photo and video content alone can boost their beauty businesses with NO additional paid advertising needed!

Why are consumers so envious of gorgeous "after" shots these days? A little thing called Selfie Awareness. Consumers, particularly Millennials + Gen Z, are more aware than ever of "them-selfies". They're constantly snapping shots for the timeline or Facetiming bae, so every little blemish and imperfection is more visible than ever. It also doesn't help that we're constantly flooded with images of "perfect" women who have full-time trainers + glam teams (plus Photoshop and Facetune if we're being honest). Women no longer just want to compete with the local Jones' - we're trying to compete with woman around the entire world.

Read below for ways you can effectively leverage this phenomenon to attract new clientele into your salon, spa, or medspa. When you do begin to attract new clientele, make sure you have a well-trained team of industry professionals to answer their inquiries - whether they call, text, or chat. A fancy web-site is often not enough to convert a potential client who is nervous about making the switch to a new beauty provider. We at My Salon Desk, the 1st Specialty Answering Service for Salons + Spas, are here to make sure that every lead you bring in converts into a paying client by offering omnichannel clientele answering services dedicated to the salon + spa industries. We answer client inquiries by phone, text, web-chat, email + social media so you don't have to.

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Stay Camera-Ready.

Invest in a high-quality camera and expert lighting. You may even consider hiring a professional photographer to take client shots once in a while, or to teach you how to always get the perfect shot. Clients will LOVE to share high-quality images.

Limit Photo Editing.

Millennials + Gen Z can spot photo editing from a mile away. Reduce or eliminate photo editing and give genuine before + afters without dramatic lighting changes or makeup. Tricks are for kids, NOT our clients.

Incorporate User-Generated Content.

Generate a company hashtag and encourage your clients to share selfies to the hashtag. Repost their photos and create custom feed for your website using services like Embed Social. Also consider a custom selfie backdrop!

Use Influencer Marketing.

Network with local influencers to expand your audience. Try looking to fashionistas, mommy-bloggers, boutiques, fitness babes, photographers....really anyone! Giveaways + contests always do the trick! A Salon + Spa Answering service can help manage inquiries and entries. 

Diversify your Platforms.

Consider adding platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest + Tik-tok. These are among the fastest growing social networks, which will get your brand in front of more faces.

Share the Process.

Share video content of the aesthetic services you offer- explain the general process. Demonstrate the impact your services have on a photo-ready appearance. Long-term clients with unedited before + after videos are very convincing.

Prioritize Confidence.

Acknowledge the harms that sometimes come out of social media, and recognize everybody's "perfect imperfections". Learn to recognize the signs of Body Dysmorphia + Depression, and share tips to stay sane in a hyper-connected world.