Virtual Receptionist Answering Service

boost your revenues.

My Salon Desk helps clients book more appointments + earn higher profits. 

We convert more than 90% of 1st time callers into clients with scheduled appointments. 

Voice Calls

SMS / Text + 

Social Media

Email + Webchat

Social Media

to help you capture every client inquiry, 

we offer virtual reception.

salon spa answering service

85% of missed callers will NOT ultimately book.

​When you get a client call or text, don't worry- we got it. Your clients will NEVER know we're not right next to you!

We pride ourselves on our high quality.

We've been supporting salons, spas, and personal care businesses of all sizes since 2020 and have maintained a commitment to white-glove service for our business clients, and their clients as well.

  Receptionists already have beauty industry expertise

  Receptionists are already familiar with common salon + spa software

  Receptionists are extensively trained in white-glove service 

No additional scripts or training are required!

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Rated GREAT on TrustPilot.

We handle clients wherever they are.


Sun to Sat 9 am - 7:30 pm

(for all time zones in the US + Canada)

Extended Coverage from 8 am - 9 pm available for add'l charge

V O I C E   C A L L S

We answer client calls and provide information according to your unique business logistics.

T E X T  /  S M S

Do your clients like to text? We can respond to them at the same number you use for calls!


50% of clients locate their salons online - assist your tech-savvy clients on your site.

S O C I A L   M E D I A  NEW!

Social Media has now taken over the beauty industry landscape - My Salon Desk offers quick + immediate response to your inquiries.

E M A I L   NEW!

If you have a web-form currently collecting leads, let our receptionists respond to your clients and secure more bookings.

salon spa answering service

We work with upmarket + luxury businesses in the beauty industry.


  • Hair Extensions
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Lash Extensions
  • Chemical Peels
  • Fillers + Injectables
  • Surgical Enhancement
  • Tattoo Artistry + Piercings
  • IV Wellness Therapy
  • Cryotherapy
  • Body Sculpting (HIFU, Cavitation, etc.)
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Adv. Massage Techniques (Deep Tissue, etc.)
  • Saunas + Halotherapy


Please review our service standards carefully - any other tasks, scripts, note-taking, reports, Add-Ons (e.g. collecting client credit card info), or special requests are considered Customizations, and are subject to approval and may incur additional costs.


Our receptionists professionally + warmly answer your forwarded calls in your business' name.


Our receptionists answer your clients' inquiries leveraging their existing industry expertise.


We book and edit appointments based on your clients' specific requests.


We provide an extensive range of feature offerings.

Appointment Booking

We can book + reschedule appointments directly into your booking software.

Custom Greeting

You can select a custom advertisement or song to play when clients call.

White-Glove Service

Our associates are all required to hold at least 2 years of experience in high-end client service.

Free Follow Up

We relay messages from your clients at no extra charge. Select a phone call, encrypted SMS or email-based delivery.


Our US-based Receptionists are licensed estheticians, students, or beauty professionals.

US - Based Receptionists

Our receptionists are based in the US, and are familiar with North American salon + spa practices.

Small Cohorts

Our Receptionists work in small cohorts, enabling them to become more familiar with your business practices.

Reliable Service 7 days/week

No more flaky, "sick" employees. We are open for business almost everyday 8 am to 9 pm!

Quick + Timely Service

We answer most calls within just 1 ring - and say "goodbye" to your callers being placed on extended holds.

Custom Bots + Integrations

The My Salon Desk platform is fully API-enabled, powering an unlimited range of integrations and supporting advanced automations.

Client Concierge

Request support or service adjustments from our dedicated team of Concierges.

Outbound Calls

We can make outbound calls to reschedule / confirm appointments or follow-up with your clients.

(For Plans with 750 calls+)

We Support Key Performance Indicators.

Increase Volume
Increase Retail Sales
Improve Client Satisfaction.
Reduce Overhead
Increase Volume

85% of clients will not end up booking an appointment if their call goes unanswered, even if you attempt to return their phone call at a later point in time. Capture more of your client leads by providing high-quality service to your clients throughout the day. 

salon virtual receptionist
Increase Retail Sales

In the salon + spa industries, retail sales make the difference between a business that is profitable and a business that barely makes even. Because of our associates' extensive experience and training, we are able to work as a collaborative sales team with your staff. We can support business specials + discounts, as well as "warming" clients for products you plan to use and sell.

For accounts with 750+ calls / month.

spa virtual reception | My Salon Desk
Improve Client Satisfaction.

We offer white-glove service to your clients on your behalf. Clients are frequently left frustrated by time-consuming online booking software - especially when clients simply want to inquire about availability. Clients on the go + in older generations may choose to book elsewhere if their call is not immediately answered.

Furthermore, there's no way to put ALL the relevant information clients need on a website! Clients still may have questions about which treatment / procedure is best for them, customized treatments, concerns + complaints - the list goes on and on! It's hard enough managing in-person clients - let us assist you with providing seamless service to your clients - they truly will never know we're not there in person!

salon answering service | My Salon Desk
Reduce Overhead

Many salons + spas understand the importance of a skilled + knowledgeable receptionist, but choose to forego one due to the cost. In-person receptionists can cost you up to $5000 a month! Then there's also the issue of unreliability, tardiness, bad attitudes, etc.

We provide an affordable alternative to the time-consuming and frustrating hiring process. We are reliable and trustworthy, and we actually know how to give top-quality service + sell product! 

spa answering service | My Salon Desk

We're better than the rest.

We happily take in the disgruntled clients of our competitors.

We can address 98% of client concerns without disturbing you.

Beauty industry expertise...

The other services make chronic scheduling errors and have little to no understanding of our industry. 

For example, they wouldn't know how many units of Botox are typically needed per treatment area. 

Trust us, we've heard it all.


Our Hours Make Sense.​

9 AM to 7:30 PM in ALL time zones...

We're open 9 am to 7:30 pm everyday in ALL time zones, while many answering services only provide service in the Eastern time zone on weekdays. 

You will also have convenient access to us to address any questions or make service updates.  

Incentivizing quality...

Billing per-call as opposed to per-minute prevents our receptionists from rushing, and enables an excellent client rapport - new MedSpa clients typically require 7-15 minute calls before they'll book!

Our Billing Structure Makes $ense.​

We can handle it all, and we're HIPAA Compliant.

Our receptionists are all required to have experience in the med-spa industry - many of them are licensed aestheticians. They have extensive knowledge of all common treatments and procedures, and can assuage your patients' concerns or trepidations about undergoing a procedure for the first time.


We can book and edit appointments directly into your salon or spa scheduling software.

Our receptionists can also safely and securely add or edit appointments directly into your booking software. They are familiar with all major cloud-based software options, and are fully trained in HIPAA compliance.

We work with most salon + spa web-based scheduling software, but unfortunately our current system is not compatible with desktop systems such as Milano®. We also can only support MindBody® + Meevo® software in limited cases - please inquire for details. Our client spas and salons are responsible for providing a booking software, transmitting login information, and ensuring that we have functional access.

If your software is incompatible, we're happy to forward scheduling requests as messages! 

Or, we could make appointments using the public client-facing site, and then forward rescheduling + cancellation requests as messages.



We're happy to support prospective clients with any questions or inquiries. For immediate assistance during business hours you may initiate a chat message at the bottom right hand corner or send us an email at Alternatively, use the link below to schedule a phone call today.


Hear from our Clients

We support businesses of all sizes and from all specialities of beauty + personal care.

"My Salon Desk solutions are simple to implement and they actually work. I've captured more new patients and surpassed my typical earnings."

Cam Peator, RN


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"Answering calls as they come in is key to good customer service. My Salon Desk is getting people booked when they call."

Andrea Miller


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Start Typing your Question to Find Fast Answers to Common Questions...

Business Development Tools

Beyond answering your clients' calls and text messages, My Salon Desk is a full suite business service for your Salon, Spa, Medspa, or Salon Suites Business. Most answering services or virtual receptionists simply record messages or forward calls. We can guide your clients with selecting services, purchasing retail products, and driving more revenue towards your business.

Sales + Promotions

Do you have a service offering or retail product that you'd like to promote? Our receptionists are skilled in securing + up-selling clients to book services, as well as pre-selling clients for in-person product sales. 

750+ Monthly Calls

Instant Consultations

Do you require consultations before booking appointments? Using our Instant Consultations video-chat feature, our skilled cosmetology / esthetics trained receptionists have been able to review potential clients' selfies to determine their best service options.

Coming Soon!

Recorded Greetings

You have the option of adding a customized recorded greeting to the start of each call, where you can promote sales + specials to your clients. 

In some cases, you can also add special instructions for our Receptionist Team to listen to before handling your calls.

Outbound Calls

For larger Plans with 750+ Calls, we also are able to make outbound marketing, re-booking, or scheduling calls to your top clients.

750+ Monthly Calls

If we book you just 1 appt. a month,

our service could pay for itself

Integrate our service into your salon or spa - retain multiple additional appointments each week for the price of a Keratin Blowout or Botox® Appointment.

Seamless + simple.

Are you scared about introducing new  technology into your business?

don't worry! 

My Salon Desk salon + spa answering service receptionists will quickly begin supporting the workflow of your salon. The process is completed from start to finish within 24 hours.

salon spa answering service
1st Select a Plan

Pick the plan that you need by guessing the total calls per hour in the morning, afternoon, and evening for weekdays + weekends. Contact us if you need help!

2nd Intake Questionnaire

Complete a streamlined 15-minute questionnaire in which you'll provide all the information we need to effectively manage your clientele.

3rd Get Started!

Start using your service as soon as 24 hours after completing the intake process! We will email you your forwarding number and instructions for setting up phone lines. Don't worry - it's easy!

4th Plan Upgrades

Once you've got the voice plan going, you can feel free to add on text messaging or web-chats. You can also customize the greeting message your clients hear when they call. 


Things to keep in mind...

Other answering services may charge $1-1.50 per minute, but how long do most answering services take to answer beauty industry calls + book appointments?

*Based on salon + spa client records reviews.

Avg. Spa / Salon Calls:
​4-9 minutes

Average Medspa Calls:
6-13 minutes

Streamline Discount

Enjoy 10-20% Savings from any Voice Plan if you use an approved software - inquire for more details.

need more tech support?

Image item
How do you receive my business' calls?

Everyday you'll follow two easy steps to manage your service!

1. Dial *72 + forwarding number to begin transferring calls to us.

2. Dial *73 at anytime to stop forwarding your calls to us.

You can also program your phone's IVR menu to forward calls our way.

Can I keep my existing number?

You can keep your existing number! We will give you a separate internal forwarding number (your clients won't see this number).

What if I want a new business number?

We can also provide you with a brand new professional business number with your local area code if you'd like! 

WE handle all of the forwarding and we find it's much more simple for our clients. 

Can I forward just overflow calls when my receptionist doesn't pick up the phone or is already on the line?


Using *90 and *92 starred codes, you can customize your call forwarding preferences even further. Many of our clients already have in-house receptionists, but are simply looking for additional back-up support during peak hours.

salon spa answering service

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Reception
Add-Ons + Upgrades
Phone Numbers
Call Handling
Appt Booking
SMS / Text Messages
Business Solutions
Emails + Webchats
Medical Spas
Salon Suites
Our Quality Service
Technical Support
Virtual Reception

What times do you answer the phones?

We answer the phone and respond to messages during our business hours:

9 am to 7:30 pm Sunday to Saturday

across all American + Canadian time-zones. Extended Coverage is available from 8 am - 9 pm available for an add'l charge.

After hours, you can turn off call forwarding or we can attend to your Voicemails via our Voicemail Service Add-On. We operate during all holidays except Christmas, New Years + Thanksgiving, and are closed on public holidays + observed holidays.

How does a Virtual Receptionist work?

Our experienced receptionists are trained to answer your client inquiries professionally based on your unique business details, and can leverage their industry acumen to answer general questions. Occasionally we may receive a client-specific inquiry that requires your attention; we'll transmit a message to you by text message or email at no additional cost!

As part of our Complimentary Appointment Booking Service, we can book and edit appointments that as specifically requested by your clients; any unique scheduling parameters must be fully programmed into your scheduling software.

We can make outbound calls or send outbound messages or support your up-sale + marketing efforts on accounts with 750+ monthly calls. Please contact us regarding any additional customization requests.

Why do I need a Virtual Receptionist or Answering Service in my salon or spa?

Missing calls, voicemails, texts, web-chats, and DMs can have a seriously negative impact on your business. The average large salon or spa misses out on at least 15 potential clients each day- either you missed their inquiry, or they clicked away to another salon because you were not immediately available. 

It's also difficult to handle your own complaints and concerns- having a virtual front desk adds one extra degree of separation and enables you to be a more professional stylist. 

Assuming that only 3 prospective clients would have booked with you for a standard 2 hour service, and given that cosmetology services are typically priced at about $65 for an hour of work, you are missing out on at least $195 of potential revenue each day. In a month that's about $11,700 left on the table


Can I mix and match plans?

Yes, but a Voice Plan is required.

After you sign up for your initial Voice Plan, you can add any combination of SMS/Text Message Plan or Webchat Plan that you'd like. 

How can I become a My Salon Desk Client?

Click the link below to get started! You'll then receive your Intake Questionnaire, and once that's received we'll get started on establishing your phone lines. 

Subscribe Now
Add-Ons + Upgrades

How do I select Add-Ons + Upgrades?

You'll be able to select your desired Add-Ons and upgrades after you subscribe to a Plan - we'll collect your preference in the Intake Questionnaire.

Subscribe Now

How does Voicemail Service work?

After hours, normally you'd have to turn off your call forwarding settings so that you can handle your own calls. If you opt in to the service, we will handle all voicemails the next day - whether that means returning the call or sending you a message. Currently, 100% of our Virtual Reception accounts also add Voicemail Service - it's a popular perk!


Your pricing seems high!

Trust us - it's not.

Unlike most other answering services, we maintain a speciality in the beauty industry and can handle complex client concerns. This virtually eliminates the need to send you messages! Other services will likely send you a message for 75%+ of the calls they receive, which means you'll have to spend a lot of time following-up with your clients.

In order to provide such great service, it forces us to spend much longer periods of time on the phone. Our longest call on record was about 23 minutes! We price our calls to account for the fact that we spend 2-4x as long on the phone in comparison to the average service. Additionally, we hire the most intelligent + experienced Receptionists (Boston has a TON of great schools with smart students and graduates for us to pull from - 90%+ of our Receptionists are pursuing or have earned at least a bachelor's degree!) and provide extensive training.

Keep in mind that many other answering services charge per minute, and frequently take nearly 10 minutes to schedule appointments! They'll often put your clients on extensively long holds while they login to your software, which runs up the bill. You WON'T save money with a $1 / minute service.

Do you want to get constant messages asking you what a "balayage" is or how many Coolsculpting® treatments are needed to see results? Or how about incorrectly booked appointments and missing payment information? We think not.

Do you offer any discounts?

We are happy to discuss developing custom plans for clients with large call volumes or those that need a limited streamlined service. Feel free to initiate a chat to the right, or send an email to

We are pleased to offer a Solopreneur Business Grant for beauty + personal care business operators who are military veterans, from a disadvantaged background, or experiencing financial difficulties. The application only takes 10 minutes and is fully encrypted to protect your privacy.

Apply Now

Is there a commitment or contract for Virtual Reception?

Only for Plans with more than 200 Monthly Calls.

Our lower-volume Virtual Reception Plans do not require a commitment or contract - they're all monthly plans. Edit your Plan anytime! 

Plans with more than 200 Monthly calls require only 3 month contracts, while some of our optional Add-Ons + Business Solutions do require pre-payment.

Where can I find the current prices?

Just click the button below:

Plans + Prices

If you have a higher or lower call volume than you see listed, please get in touch - we are happy to develop custom plans!

Phone Numbers

How do I forward calls?

Call Forwarding is simple!

You can easily and quickly set up call forwarding from your business line to My Salon Desk - most cellphone + landline phone companies allow business customers to do this in seconds using the *72 and *73 short-codes (you may need to call your phone provider to activate the codes.

If you use a VoIP / cloud-based phone service or business cellphone, you can usually complete forwarding steps easily from your online account. Alternatively, some cellular devices like iPhones® allow you to forward calls from within the settings menu.

Do I need a new business number?


If you wish to continue using your existing business number you may forward calls to My Salon Desk.

Call Handling

How do you update me on client inquiries?

Our associates typically can handle most calls without ever having to contact you, but depending on your preferences we will connect urgent calls to you or send you messages via email, text, or fax- whatever is more convenient for you.

How do you know how to answer my calls?

You'll complete an Intake Questionnaire.

Immediately after you subscribe, you'll be asked to complete our Intake Questionnaire. It only takes about 15-20 minutes, but it addresses all of the most common questions we typically get from salon + spa clients. We'll collect all your preferences for how you want your calls + inquiries handled.

Larger Plans with 750+ calls may have some additional features and customizations available - please contact us for more details.

Appt Booking

Can you book and edit appointments?


If you give us access to your booking software, we will be happy to edit your bookings. 

We have dedicated associates than handle appointments - we can create, edit, and cancel appointment + also take card information. As a standard, we collect your clients' name, phone number, and email address, and we book appointments as specifically requested by your clients. And other unique scheduling parameters must be directly programmed into your software. 

Appointment Booking Requirements

Can you log in to another software to view messages from my clients, new client leads, etc?

Unfortunately not.

The only 3rd party software that we can access is a scheduling software, solely for the purposes of scheduling and editing appointments. Answering services rarely (if ever) log-in to 3rd party software aside from scheduling software as it can be cumbersome and burdensome to the Receptionists, and the technical setup is incredibly complex to maintain.

If you require someone to log-in to an external software, you might be better served by directly hiring a Receptionist.

What type of software do you work with?

We only work with Cloud-Based / Web Booking Software.

Most common salon + spa booking software now offer a cloud / web-based solution. You'll securely transmit your login information using encrypted HIPAA-compliant software - your login details will remain scrambled and inaccessible to our receptionists in plain text. We also can only support MindBody® + Vagaro® software in limited cases - please inquire for details. 

SMS / Text Messages

How can I forward text messages?

If your current business phone number is programmable (API-enabled), you can directly forward text messages our way - all we'd need is a webhook. Otherwise, you can provide your Forwarding phone number as a separate text-line for your clients. 

Currently, the most common use-cases for texting are either outbound lead nurturing (we'll text leads that complete online web-forms on your website or online ads) or SMS response - if we make an outbound call to one of your patients / clients and they text us in response (it happens more often than you'd think!).

How are text messages billed?

Pay only for outgoing messages.

We don't bill for incoming messages - only outgoing. We do our best to group information within the smallest number of messages to improve efficiency. 

Business Solutions

Do you offer any other Business Solutions?


We have a full suite of business solutions launching in June of 2021 - we'll offer Marketing Support and additional resources to support Clientele Management. Stay Tuned!

Emails + Webchats

How do Emails work?

Many salons and spas use web-forms that send messages via email - you can easily configure your email provider to forward all emails our way within your Settings menu. We can then make outbound calls to your clients based on the content of the email. Outbound calling is only available for Plans exceeding 750 calls - additionally the proportion of Plan calls that can be outbound is generally limited.

As of now, we do not generate outbound emails and only respond to inbound emails by phone call. An additional fee also applies to enable email forwarding - please contact us for additional details. 

How does Web-Chat work?

We provide a customized chat widget that will be embedded within your website. Web-chats are billed per conversation, or "session". 

Medical Spas

Do you work with Medspas?


We have a dedicated team of our Receptionists that maintains expertise on all common Medspa procedures, treatments, and retail products. They typically have either worked within a Medspa, or have a clinical background as a pre-med, nursing, or health sciences student. They are our best and brightest!

They know all relevant details like contraindications, pre and post treatment instructions, and can provide estimates of treatment frequency and / or quantity (for example, approximately 10 units of Botox® for a Lip Flip procedure). We're also familiar with treatment loyalty programs like Aspire Rewards by Galderama®, and payment options like Care Credit® and Patient Fi®.

I operate a more clinical Medspa as a surgeon / dermatologist. Can you help my business?


Our Receptionists are fully trained in HIPAA, and our phone systems are also fully HIPAA compliant. We understand the added professionalism and patient privacy required of a clinical Medspa office, so you can rest assured that your patient care is in good hands. We are well-versed in some of the basic details of common surgical procedures like Rhinoplasties, Face Lifts, Breast Augmentations, Tummy Tucks, Liposuctions, Brazilian Butt Lifts, and more.

We can advise patients on side effects / risks, estimated downtime, anticipated results, etc. As long as you utilize a cloud-based scheduling software we can easily make + edit appointments. 

Salon Suites

Do you have any Plans for Salon Suites?

Yes, coming soon!

Our Salon Suite Virtual Reception Plans will start at only $1499.99 per month, making them affordable options for Suites seeking to offer a Tenant perk to boost loyalty. In addition to virtual reception + marketing services, the Suite Plans will also include a complimentary 8-week immersive Business Course for your Tenants. We will be launching custom Plans for Salon Suites in June of 2021 - stay tuned! 

How can I be notified about Salon Suite Plans when they launch?

Send an email our way:

Our Quality Service

How can I trust the My Salon Desk Associates will provide good service?

Not only are all of our associates required to have professional cosmetology background + are required to be familiar with all of the commonly performed services and commonly used brands. We have associates who are familiar with all aspects of cosmetology- including fields like skin aesthetics, lash extensions, hair braiding + weaving, natural Afro hair-care, massage therapy, and barbering.

We may be able to arrange a trial period in some cases - contact us for more details!

Is my login information safe with you?


None of our receptionists have direct access to any of our login information - we utilize an encrypted Password Vault technology that scrambles + hides plain-text passwords from our receptionists. Once they log in to the Password Vault, the Vault software automatically enters login information into your software without them ever being able to view it.

Beyond that, not only are all of our receptionists fully background-checked at the county, state + federal level, but they are also required to undergo regular and random drug testing - we take data privacy seriously!

Technical Support

Do I need to download an app?


Unlike some other complicated systems, you never need to download any app or software - after you subscribe, we will set up your phone service within 24 hours and inform you of your new number or forwarding instructions. You will also complete a detailed survey about your business so that we can answer any + all client questions on your behalf!

Can you log in to another software to view messages from my clients, new client leads, etc?

Unfortunately not.

The only 3rd party software that we can access is a scheduling software, solely for the purposes of scheduling and editing appointments.


What if I have a small business?

No matter how small your business is, excellent customer service is still key to attracting new clients and retaining your current ones.

My clients don't usually speak English- are you multilingual?


We are hoping to begin offering Spanish + French in the near future as we recruit more bilingual associates. Right now, you can already customize the Call Greeting in Spanish or French, and we can web-chat or text message using Spanish or French translation.