4 Simple Tips to Improve Rebooking Rates in your Salon or Spa

13.05.21 05:25 PM

"Specifically outlined protocols for retaining clients lead to success with rebooking."

We've all heard so many times about the importance of re-booking in the beauty + personal care industries. We all know how busy life can get - often times your clients may really want to come in but just don't have the time to even book! Think of times when you've wanted to buy something but just haven't had the time to Industry coaches and advisors often place target rebooking rates between 20-30%. However, many successful salons + spas boast rates in excess of 85% (Salon Today, "Be Our Guest: Successful Client Strategies for Retention, Referral and Prebooking").

Salons + spas with specifically outlined protocols for retaining clients experience the best success with rebooking - successful strategies include the provision of retail product discounts, subscription-based or pre-paid services, or even the deployment of "concierges" to schedule clients before their appointments have concluded. Omnichannel client communications can also be leveraged to boost retention and to avoid missed appointments - many salons still opt to confirm appointments by phone in addition to the dissemination of automated reminder text messages.

In this article, we'll outline 4 specific tips that will take you to the next level.

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4 Salon + Spa Rebooking Strategies

1. Follow-Up with Clients + Patients Post-Appointment

Sometimes people really do just get busy. Beauty is a non-essential service, so it can sometimes fall to the bottom of the priority list for an especially busy woman. Be sure to follow up by phone, text, etc. to check how your client is liking the results - sometimes those who don't rebook are simply unsatisfied with your work. My Salon Desk Virtual Receptionists are great for completing a task like this! If you use an API-enabled scheduling software, this can actually be fully automated.

2. Offer Incentives

Why not offer a discount on future service or gratis product to clients who rebook their future appointments while they check-out? You could even consider adding packages and memberships to boost client loyalty and return rates.

3. Ask BEFORE they leave!

Don't make the mistake of waiting until AFTER your client leaves to hope she rebooks! Many people call it "PRE-booking" for a reason. The best time to get her to commit to a date is when you have her full attention right inside the salon or spa. Some businesses have successfully deployed rebooking "Concierges" to float around and rebook clients while they're still in the chair and can easily pull up their schedules in their phones.

4. Create a Sense of Urgency

Let your clients know that spots go fast (even if they don't quite yet!). If your client feels that she'll have to wait a long time for her next appointment, she may be more pressured to rebook immediately. Also, let the client know the risks of waiting too long in between services. Outgrown acrylics can be dangerous, and going too long without a deep conditioning or bond restructuring treatment can spell disaster for color-treated hair.