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RN Aesthetics, Cosmetic Surgery + Dermatology

Introducing the 1st  Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine.

beauty industry business solutions

the beauty industry is fabulous, but not easy. 

Plastic surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, Nurse Aestheticians, and other professionals are increasingly being faced with more competition in the med-spa field. 

Along with your clinical training, you'll need excellent business solutions + high-caliber, white glove client service to stand out. 

Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine

When you get a patient call or text, don't worry- we've got it.

We answer calls + text messages as if we were working right next to you - your patients will NEVER know the difference.

Let us expertly handle your patients.


Hours of Operation: 

Sun to Sat 8 am - 9 pm 

(for all time zones in the US + Canada)

Text / SMS

Do your clients like to text? We can respond to them at the same number you use for calls!

Voice Calls

We answer client calls and provide information according to your unique business logistics.


50% of clients locate their salons online - assist your tech-savvy clients on your site.

My Salon Desk Virtual Reception
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We can handle it all.

Our receptionists are all required to have experience in the med-spa industry - many of them are licensed aestheticians. They have extensive knowledge of all common treatments and procedures, and can assuage your patients' concerns or trepidations about undergoing a procedure for the first time.

HIPAA Compliant

your data is safe with us.

Our trained, professional reception associates are fully trained in patient privacy regulations. Our phone systems are also fully HIPAA-compliant, and we can integrate our workflow into your existing encrypted + secured software solutions.

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Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine

We Support Key Performance Indicators.

Increase Volume
Increase Retail Sales
Improve Client Satisfaction.
Reduce Overhead
Increase Volume

85% of patients will not end up booking an appointment if their call goes unanswered, even if you attempt to return their phone call at a later point in time. Capture more of your patient leads by providing high-quality service to your patients throughout the day. 

Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine
Increase Retail Sales

In the medspa industry, retail sales can make a big difference to profit margins. Because of our associates' extensive experience and training, we are able to work as a collaborative sales team with your staff. We can support business specials + discounts, as well as "warming" clients for products you plan to use and sell.

Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine
Improve Client Satisfaction.

We offer white-glove service to your clients on your behalf. Clients are frequently left frustrated by time-consuming online booking software - especially when clients simply want to inquire about availability. Clients on the go + in older generations may choose to book elsewhere if their call is not immediately answered.

Furthermore, there's no way to put ALL the relevant information clients need on a website! Clients still may have questions about which treatment / procedure is best for them, customized treatments, concerns + complaints - the list goes on and on! It's hard enough managing in-person clients - let us assist you with providing seamless service to your clients - they truly will never know we're not there in person!

Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine
Reduce Overhead

Many cosmetic dermatologists + surgeons understand the importance of a skilled + knowledgeable receptionist, but choose to forego one due to the cost. In-person receptionists can cost you up to $5000 a month! Then there's also the issue of unreliability, tardiness, bad attitudes, etc.

We provide an affordable alternative to the time-consuming and frustrating hiring process. We are reliable and trustworthy, and we actually know how to give top-quality service + sell product! 

Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine

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Appointment Booking

We can book + reschedule appointments directly into your booking software.

Custom Greeting

You can select a custom advertisement or song to play when your clients call.

High-Quality Client Service

Our associates are all required to hold at least 2 years of experience in high-end client service.

Free Follow Up

We relay messages from your clients at no extra charge. Select encrypted SMS or email-based delivery.


Our associates are licensed estheticians, students, or beauty professionals.

Outbound Calling

Do you need appointments confirmed? We can help with that - we make outbound calls too!

Upsell + Upgrade

Because of their industry experience, our associates can up-sell appointments + products.

Reliable Service 7 days/week

No more flaky, "sick" employees. We are open for business everyday 8 am to 9 pm!

1. Select a Plan

Pick the plan that you need by guessing the total calls per hour in the morning, afternoon, and evening for weekdays + weekends. Contact us if you need help!

2. Intake Survey

Don't worry - we do most of the work by researching your website (if you have one). Help us fill in the blanks! We'll also advise you on the best way to set up your phone lines.

3. Get Started!

Start using your service within 24 hours of subscribing! We will email you your forwarding number and instructions for setting up phone lines. Don't worry - it's easy!

4. Plan Upgrades

Once you've got the voice plan going, you can feel free to add on text messaging or web-chats. You can also customize the greeting message your clients hear when they call. 

beauty industry business solutions

Affordable + Fair.

Unlike most other cosmetic surgery + dermatology medical answering services, we charge by the call, not the minute. This simplifies and streamlines our service, and also incentivizes better quality patient support.

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Honest Pricing

No hidden fees - we don't charge set-up fees, monthly fees, or forwarding fees. 

The pricing also includes "follow-up" on calls: if needed we send you a HIPAA-compliant encrypted message via email, fax, or even SMS / text. 

Appointment Booking

You send us your login details via secure encrypted email -  we can schedule your patients directly into your booking software. 

We exclude all "junk" calls from billing, including robo-call telemarketing and prank calls. 

24 HR Turnaround

Once you subscribe to a plan, you will be assigned an Account Concierge who will facilitate your intake process. We can have your service up + running in less than 24 hours. You can easily upgrade your plan to include SMS / text messaging + webchat.

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Valuable responses from our clients.

What our clients say...

​Med-Spa Owner in Orange County, CA


Operating a multi-practitioner medical spa has brought many challenges - not only am I responsible for managing financial and administrative duties, but I also end up functioning as an "assistant" to my staff. We tried hiring receptionists, and repeatedly dealt with unreliable staff who didn't last more than 6 months at a time. I heard about My Salon Desk from a colleague, and decided to give it a shot - and thank goodness I did! We're attending to every call and obtaining about 20% more bookings since adding virtual reception. The best part is we've now been able to eliminate our receptionist position altogether and shifted to an iPad-based self-checkin. 

RN Aestheticians, Dermatologists + Surgeons

Low Volume
Medium Volume
High Volume
Low Volume



Voice         55 calls

                    per month


                  Text        50 responses           

                     per month


Web-chat    10 sessions 

                      per month

Medium Volume



Voice         150 calls

                    per month


                  Text        100 responses           

                     per month


Web-chat    25 sessions 

                      per month

High Volume



Voice         300 calls

                    per month


                  Text        150 responses           

                     per month


Web-chat    50 sessions 

                      per month

Benefits of a Cosmetic Surgeon + Dermatologist 
Answering Service

There are many benefits to offering an answering service for your salon or spa business. 

Make More Money.

Never miss a client inquiry again - attract more new bookings by providing round-the-clock customer service. We also help with retail + service sales efforts.

Boost your Productivity.

Answering the phone takes time away from engaging with patients and focusing on other tasks. Free yourself from the stress of patient calls + texts by subscribing to a plan.

Be Professional.

Offering an answering service removes the chaotic, frazzled aura of many medical offices. When your business appears more professional, you attract a higher-quality clientele.

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