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Answering Service 
for  Salon Suites

Introducing the 1st Generation of Business Solutions for Salon Suites.

We help your Tenants capture more client inquiries and provide higher quality service.

Specialty Answering Service for Cosmetic Medicine

Boost tenant loyalty with a
branded answering service. 

We answer calls + text messages as if we were working right next to you - your Tenants will NEVER know the difference.


Voice Calls



We handle clients wherever they are.


for all time zones in the US + Canada;

Sunday Service available as an Add-On.

Monday to Saturday
9 am - 7:30 pm
salon spa answering service


We answer client calls, provide information according to your unique business logistics + book appointments.


Support Millenial + Gen Z Tenants and clients with instant access to support via our suite of SMS Bots.


50% of clients locate their salons online - assist your tech-savvy clients on your site.

We Offer Full-Suite Support.

We don't just answer calls; We handle them. 

FAQ Service 

As part of our FAQ Answering Service, our Receptionists will answer questions regarding your Tenants' business policies as well as general queries surrounding salon + spa treatments and procedures.

Booking Service

Our Receptionists have the ability to directly book, adjust, or cancel appointments directly into your Tenants' schedule - notifications regarding any schedule edits will be transmitted in real time.


Advanced Integrated Scheduling App

Notifications + Reporting
  • Tenants can set their own custom pricing + duration for services, as well as their own work schedule.
  • Tenants can easily book + edit services from the mobile App.
  • Each Tenant will have their own custom Online Booking link, which can be embedded as a button in their website or shared in an Instagram / Facebook bio.
  • Re-booking clients within specified intervals (every week, every 2 weeks, etc.) can easily be completed during checkout.
  • Tenants with card-on-file requirements, house-call bookings, processing / buffer time, etc. can Add-On custom services for an additional fee.
  • Tenants can select from either Embedded Payment Processing or third-party processors for card-present transactions, while Stripe® powers card-on-file collection + payment.
  • Tenants establish their own Merchant Accounts directly with payment processors - any earnings will be routed directly into their bank account.
  • Tenants can send Self-Checkout links to clients, enabling them to checkout + tip from their smartphone.
  • They can also use an iPad® app to process charges with an NFC-enabled advanced card reader.
  • They can also retail products.
Notifications + Reporting
  • Tenants' clients will instantly receive a link to complete a general Intake Waiver upon their first booking that will be forever associated with their client account.
  • Tenants receive both Email + SMS reminder notifications before each appointment.
  • Tenants will be able to obtain appointment confirmations two days prior to scheduled appointments.
  • Tenants can instantly view metrics and reports regarding payments and earnings.

We work with all sectors of the beauty industry.

Our Answering Service Features

Appointment Booking

We can book + reschedule appointments directly into your booking software.

Custom Greeting

You can select a custom advertisement or song to play when clients call.

High-Quality Service

Our associates are all required to hold at least 2 years of experience in high-end client service.

Tenant Portal

Your Tenants will have 24/7 access to a custom portal where they can obtain support as needed. 


Our associates are licensed estheticians, students, or beauty professionals.

Free Follow Up

We relay messages to your Tenants at no extra charge via SMS.

Text for Totals

Tenants will be able to view their real-time usage 24/7 via text.

Reliable Service 

No more flaky, "sick" employees. We are open for business everyday!

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Spa + Salon Bookkeeping and Accounting

95% of American cosmetologists are independent contractors - 100% of your Suite Tenants are small business owners. Given the heavy burden of independent entrepreneurs in the beauty sector - unfortunately accounting + tax mistakes are extremely common.

Help your Tenants establish financial compliance with the premier bookkeeping + tax solution for small businesses.

Monthly Bookkeeping Compliance
Annual Tax Preparations + Filing


We also provide a full suite of business solutions for Tenants.


No-Contact Checkin


Client Arrival Notification

Payment Support

Client Checkout

Cards on file

Smartphone Checkout


Online Booking

Client Reminders

Appt Confirmation


Client Waiver

Business Solutions

Custom Reporting

Mentorship + Support

Why Suite Tenants Love Us...

85% of clients will not end up booking an appointment if their call goes unanswered.

Make More Money

Never miss a client inquiry again - attract more new bookings by providing round-the-clock customer service. Our Receptionists are all required to maintain beauty industry expertise in addition to at least 2 years of high-end + luxury client service. 

Boost Productivity

Your Tenants will appreciate the ability to FINALLY free themselves from their phones while directly interfacing with clients in their Suite. They'll also regain their time spent away from work - we handle calls on their days off, nights + weekends.

Be Professional

Offering an answering service removes the chaotic, frazzled aura of many independent salons and spas. When your business appears more professional, you attract a higher-quality clientele.

Our service comes with a premium cloud-based salon scheduling platform included - we can book and edit appointments

New Innovations

We're especially excited about one of our current features in development - Instant Consultations. Prospective clients can answer a quick questionnaire + upload selfies which will be directly transmitted to each Tenant!

About 35% of our current clients are 

salon + spa solo businesses.

Simplify Your Suite's Organizational Workflow with


Do you get calls or text messages from prospective Tenants interested in renting a Suite?

We are pleased to provide inbound Voice Reception for Suite Marketing. You can have a separate number for prospective Tenants, or you can forward calls from your existing number. (SMS Bots are available, but live-attended SMS messaging is not currently available.).

Just send us any training materials or information you'd like our Receptionists to share by phone. We can even schedule tours or phone calls directly into your scheduling software.

Inbound Voice Reception is also available for  Current Tenants requiring support.       

Suite 411™

Need support with managing Tenant inquiries? We can assist with general questions, billing issues - you name it.

The Bots are available in both phone + SMS versions.

Live Reception

Provide us with your billing and business protocol and we'll answer all your Tenants' questions.


Get a lot of  questions from your Tenants? Let us create an AI-powered FAQ Bot that will recognize common inquiries and provide a response.

Reporting Bot

Accept maintenance or other requests by SMS. Requests can be transmitted to you via email or directly to maintenance staff.

My Marketing Suite™

Free up your business staff by forwarding the inquiries of prospective Tenants our way. In the future, we plan to offer Outbound Calls that will be automatically generated to leads after a Webform or online Ad is completed - complete with custom sales funnels + reporting.

Try for Yourself! Call or Text 765-MY-SUITE.

Live Reception

Provide us with your billing and business protocol and we'll answer all your Tenants' questions.

Marketing Bot - soon!

We can develop custom email or SMS "drip" campaigns / funnels containing links to important webpages, documents.


Save on inbound calls by allowing prospective Tenants to text questions and receive instantly receive answers - also capture their contact info for your CRM.

We also have other features...

Image item

Receptionist Bot™

Streamline your business by establishing all of your business functions within one number. Save on inbound calls by enabling callers to be serviced by a Receptionist "Bot" instead of our live My Salon Desk Team. 

Try for Yourself! Call or Text 765-MY-SUITE.



Service Menu

Waitlist Bot


Need the SMS versions as well?


Hear from our clients...

Our Clients 🖤 Us!

It's been great having My Salon Desk help with my workflow. I felt bogged down by calls, and I wasn't timely in returning calls because I was busy treating clients.

Jessica, RN

Medspa Founder

Boulder, CO


We're better than the rest.

We happily take in the disgruntled clients of our competitors.

We can address 98% of client concerns without disturbing you.

Beauty industry expertise...

The other services make chronic scheduling errors and have little to no understanding of our industry. 

For example, they wouldn't know how many units of Botox are typically needed per treatment area. 

Trust us, we've heard it all.

Our Hours Make Sense.​

9 AM to 7:30 PM in ALL time zones...

We're open 9 am to 7:30 pm in ALL time zones, while many answering services only provide service in the Eastern time zone on weekdays. 

You will also have convenient access to us to address any questions or make service updates.  

Incentivizing quality...

Billing per-call as opposed to per-minute prevents our receptionists from rushing, and enables an excellent client rapport - new salon and spa clients often require 5-9 minute calls before they'll book!

Our Billing Structure Makes Sense.​

We Employ an Affordable Bill-by-Call ​Pricing Structure.

Keep track of your usage - instantly.

Using our Text for Totals feature, you can text us anytime to receive an instant update with your plan usage. Monitor your usage and effectively manage your budget.

✓  Clear Pricing

Unlike most other answering services, we charge by the call, not the minute. This simplifies and streamlines our service, and also incentivizes better quality client support.

No hidden fees - we don't charge any additional monthly maintenance fees. 

✓ Stay In Budget

If you wish to stay within a specific budget, you can easily cap spending at the price-point of your choosing by limiting the number of calls per Tenant.

We will collect your Tenants' payment information and directly bill them each month for excess utilization.

✓ Rapid Onboarding

We move quickly + efficiently here at My Salon Desk - once you subscribe to a plan, you will be assigned a dedicated Onboarding Specialist who will facilitate your intake process. 

We can have your service up + running within 2-3 weeks. 

Some of our Plan Add-Ons...

Business Phone Number

Offer professionalism to your clients by getting a dedicated business phone number with the local area code of your choosing.

Sunday Service

Our standard Suite Virtual Reception is offered Monday through Saturday in line with typical business hours of operation - Tenants can obtain service on Sundays between 10 am and 3:30 pm with this Add-On.

Voicemail Service

Normally after hours you'd have to re-route calls back to your phone line. If you'd like, we can review + respond to your messages - and you can save yourself the trouble of turning on and off your forwarding settings daily.

Tenant Custom Welcome Greeting

Your Tenants can leverage the moment of time before client calls are connected to our receptionists to boost branding, marketing, and client education efforts - play a custom recorded greeting before every call connects.

Payment Support

If Tenants desire the collection of payment information to fulfill card-on-file requirements, we can input credit card information into their clients' profiles - we do not process any fees or deposits under any circumstances.

Instant Call Notification

If Tenants really want to know who's calling at all times, we can easily send a text message containing the incoming caller's phone number and the timestamp immediately after each call.

We offer a streamlined startup process.


Schedule a Discovery Call with the My Salon Desk Team.


Complete our intake process - we'll guide Tenants throughout.


Upgrade + Customize your plan with Add-Ons.


You can start using your service typically within 2-3 weeks of subscribing! 

Schedule an Introductory Meeting.



Are your Receptionists US-based or in another country?

We're proudly based in Massachusetts (BOSTON 🍀 to be exact), as are all of our Receptionists!

Our receptionists are all based within our home state, meaning they are very familiar with North American beauty protocol and product lines. We NEVER use foreign-based Receptionists. 

Just FYI, we require our Suites Receptionists to have at least 1-2 years of professional industry experience as a licensed beauty professional, salon or spa manager, receptionist, etc. Fun fact: over 90% of our receptionists have a bachelor's degree or are currently pursuing one! Being in a town with so many great universities, it's no surprise that our receptionists are wicked smart (Boston joke!).

How does the Onboarding Process Work?

​It takes about 2-3 weeks - we're here for you every step of the way.

Our Business Development Team + your dedicated Onboarding Specialist will support you on your journey towards My Salon Desk Suite Service - view a detailed timeline by clicking the button below:

What fields of cosmetology + esthetics do you work with?

Any single-staff beauty business (Med-Spas require individual accounts).

Blowouts, Barbering, Cuts, Color, Braids, Weaves, Extensions, Up-Dos, Weddings, Makeup Artistry, Lash Extensions, Permanent Makeup, Brow Design, Manicures + Pedicures, Nail Design, Ear Piercing, Tattoo Art, General Aesthetics (facials, light peels, derma planing, Microderm, etc.), Wax + Sugar Hair Removal, Massage + Reflexology - you name it. 

Any professional performing medical-spa procedures such as Cryolipsosis (e.g. Coolscultping®), EMS, Radiofrequency, Microneedling, Dermal Fillers, and / or Wrinkle Relaxers will require a MedSpa plan and their own scheduling software.

How do you protect the privacy of clients + customers?

We take privacy seriously.

All of our communication methods are protected with the highest levels of security and encryption - our phone systems are both PCI and HIPAA-compliant and meet SOC 2 security standards. In line with our Terms of Service we do not make any claims to the client or customer data in your software. We will send informational + marketing newsletters to your Tenants on a weekly or biweekly basis but will never make any unrequested contact to the clients + customers of your Suite Tenants.

Each Tenant will only be able to view his or her own schedule - should they require a client list we will happily provide that to them by request (we wish to avoid Tenants being able to view the clients of other Tenants).

You will always have administrative access to the Mangomint® software - if you prefer, we will include your ability to market your Suite directly to Tenants' clients into your customized Suite Terms & Conditions. 

C A L L   H A N D L I N G

How do you handle calls?

​You and your Tenants will complete an Intake Questionnaire.

Upon subscription, you and your Tenants would all complete an approximately 10-20 minute Intake Questionnaire that will provide enough information for us to professionally answer your calls. Our receptionists are industry-experienced and highly trained in the provision of white-glove service, so you can save yourself the trouble of providing additional scripts or training.

The standards of our FAQ Answering Service are:

1. Our receptionists professionally answer your clients' calls in the name of the Suite (not Tenants' individual businesses)

2. Our receptionists answer any inquiries leveraging their existing industry acumen, and forward client-specific messages as needed.

The standards of our Booking Service are:

1. We book and edit appointments directly into any available time-slot within your Tenants' schedules per specific client request.

Any other notes, scripts, reports, tasks, are NOT included as part of our standard Suite Service offering. 

Do you make outbound calls or texts?

Unfortunately not at this time.

Unfortunately we can NOT make any outbound calls or text messages for your Tenants.

How are Voicemails handled?

We can help with that!

We offer Voicemail Service for Tenants and for any Suite Business Numbers, through which we'll handle phone calls forwarded our way after hours - we'll listen to and address any voicemails received the following day, and make follow-up calls if needed. 

FYI - a Suite Business Number would be any number that you choose to independently forward our way (My Marketing Suite™ number, Tenant Maintenance Support number, etc.). Any Voicemails received on your Tenant Forwarding Number will require an active Voicemail service Add-On by the individual Tenant - they'll be billed directly (unless you choose to pay for it).

Can Tenants provide you with custom scheduling instructions?

Yes - but only if it can be directly programmed into our scheduling software. 

Our Receptionists will not be available to memorize any scheduling preferences. We do strictly enforce the requirement that ALL scheduling preferences be scheduled directly into their booking software - no other service customizations are feasible. This should be relatively simple to facilitate given the advanced design of our software. 

How do Tenants receive updates regarding their clients?

By text message, or App Notification.

The scheduling software mobile app will automatically send SMS messages and app notifications for any new, edited, or canceled appointment as well as client arrival notifications  We also will transmit any client-specific inquiries we receive by phone as SMS messages.

Welcome to the Future of Beauty.

We at My Salon Desk are pleased to support the next wave of beauty entrepreneurs seeking a high-tech approach to business.

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