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Salon and spa answering service

For LUXURY & UPMARKET Salons, Spas, Medical Spas, Massage + Personal Care.

Omnichannel US-BASED






We service salons + barbershops of all sizes, including nail, eyelash, and brow design specialty salons.

Massage + Spas    

We also offer our virtual answering service to day spas, massage therapists, tattoo artists, and others.


Most of our current clientele are medical spas - we have a select cohort of receptionists with advanced training.


Add a valuable perk to your salon suite and improve Tenant retention.

C O M I N G    S O O N !

Who We Support

We work with all types of businesses within the beauty sector.

salon spa answering service
Why My Salon Desk?

We know the beauty + personal care industries.

Our virtual receptionists work remotely to answer your forwarded clients' calls, texts + web-chats while extending white-glove service. Unlike most other answering services, our receptionists all have professional experience within the beauty industry and are extensively trained in multiple fields of cosmetology + aesthetics, professional product knowledge, salon / spa management software, and sales strategy.

Why can't I just let callers go to Voicemail or my Text Inbox?

Most Callers expect instant support.

In the beauty + personal care industries, prospective clients keep calling around until someone picks up. Clients may need immediate same-day or same-week appointments; MedSpa patients particularly require conversation with their prospective spa as an assurance that they can trust the quality of your work. All in all, a voicemail message during business hours connotes unprofessionalism and leads to client attrition.

Will my clients feel odd talking to an answering service?

Absolutely not, they'll never know!

We answer client inquiries in your business' name. We strategically provide remote support while never giving away that we're not there with you in person. Even if a question demanded a revelation (for example, if a client asks whether we see her lost sweater) we never reveal the fact that we're a third-party service and instead describe ourselves as working remotely if pressed. 

Additionally, our Receptionists work in small cohorts as opposed to all calls being routed to a general call center. Don't be surprised if your clients come in asking for your Virtual Receptionist by name!


Some of Our Key Features...

Appointment Booking

Our receptionists can book + edit appointments directly into your current scheduling software. Follow the link to learn more about our scheduling software requirements.

Industry Expertise

Our receptionists are required to have cosmetology, aesthetics + MedSpa experience in addition to at least 2 years of high-end customer service. Many are also licensed professionals themselves.

Reliability + Convenience

We provide service between 9:00 AM and 7:30 PM in all time zones every day of the week. Say goodbye to flaky employees and no-shows, and avoid the hassle of an additional employee to manage.

Save Money + Boost Revenues

Save up to 90% of the costs of hiring an in-person receptionists, and capture $10,000+ in monthly revenues that were being lost to missed calls and unchecked voicemails. 

We can handle it all.

H I P A A   C O M P L I A N T

Our receptionists are all required to have experience in the med-spa industry - many of them are licensed aestheticians. They have extensive knowledge of all common treatments and procedures, and can assuage your patients' concerns or trepidations about undergoing a procedure for the first time.

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GREAT on TrustPilot.

We pride ourselves on our high quality.

N E E D 


We're happy to support prospective clients with any questions or inquiries. For immediate assistance during business hours you may initiate a chat message at the bottom right hand corner or send us an email at Alternatively, use the link below to schedule a phone call today.


Appointment Booking

We can book + reschedule appointments directly into your booking software.

Quick + Timely Service

We answer most calls within just 1 ring - and say "goodbye" to your callers being placed on extended holds.

White-Glove Service

Our associates are all required to hold at least 2 years of experience in high-end client service.

Free Follow Up

We relay messages from your clients at no extra charge. Select a phone call, encrypted SMS or email-based delivery.


Our US-based Receptionists are licensed estheticians, students, or beauty professionals.

Custom Bots + Integrations

The My Salon Desk platform is fully API-enabled, powering an unlimited range of integrations and supporting advanced automations.

Small Cohorts

Our Receptionists work in small cohorts, enabling them to become more familiar with your business practices.

Reliable Service 7 days/week

No more flaky, "sick" employees. We are open for business almost everyday 8 am to 9 pm!

Hear from our Clients

We support businesses of all sizes and from all specialities of beauty + personal care.

"It's been great having My Salon Desk help with my workflow. I felt bogged down by calls, and I wasn't timely in returning calls because I was busy treating clients."

Jessica Tingwald, RN


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"My business has missed fewer calls and I have received good feedback from clients regarding virtual reception."

Yuni Medina, MSN


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"Answering calls as they come in is key to good customer service. My Salon Desk is getting people booked when they call."

Andrea Miller


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Select + Subscribe to a Voice Plan.


Complete your intake process.


Receive your new forwarding number. 


Upgrade your plan with Add-Ons.

We're better than the rest.

We happily take in the disgruntled clients of our competitors.

We can address 98% of client concerns without disturbing you.

Beauty industry expertise...

The other services make chronic scheduling errors and have little to no understanding of our industry. 

For example, they wouldn't know how many units of Botox are typically needed per treatment area. 

Trust us, we've heard it all.


Our Hours Make Sense.​

9 AM to 7:30 PM in ALL time zones...

We're open 9 am to 7:30 pm everyday in ALL time zones, while many answering services only provide service in the Eastern time zone on weekdays. 

You will also have convenient access to us to address any questions or make service updates.  

Incentivizing quality...

Billing per-call as opposed to per-minute prevents our receptionists from rushing, and enables an excellent client rapport - new MedSpa clients typically require 7-15 minute calls before they'll book!

Our Billing Structure Makes $ense.​

If we book you just 1 appt. a month,    

our service could  pay for itself. 

Missed Inquiries

The average mid-sized spa or salon is missing between 5-15 potential clients per day by allowing the Voicemail machine to function as a receptionist.

➕ Do the math... 

Integrate our service into your salon or spa - retain multiple additional appointments each week for the price of a Keratin Blowout or Botox® Appointment.

Missed Clients

Even if only one of those missed clients had booked each day, you'd obviously end up with about 30 additional clients for the month.

Missed Revenues

If your average service ticket is just $75, you may be losing $4500+ monthly - medical spas with higher prices could be losing $1500+ monthly.


We offer undeniable value.

Save money by implementing a virtual receptionist service within your salon, spa, or personal care business. 

Open 8 hours daily, 5 days a week
4 stylist stations

Receives an average of 2 calls an hour



40 Hours per week

✔️ Unreliable

✔️ Extensive Training Time + Costs

✔️ High Turnover

✔️ Missed Calls After-Hours

$4500 / month



73.5 Reliable Hours per week

$1000 / month

76% savings!

Keep track of your usage - instantly.

Using our Text for Totals feature, you can text us anytime to receive an instant update with your plan usage. Monitor your usage and effectively manage your budget.

Benefits of a Salon + Spa Answering Service

There are many benefits to offering an answering service for your salon or spa business. 

Make More Money.

Never miss a client inquiry again - attract more new bookings by providing round-the-clock customer service. We also help with up-selling appointments.

Boost your Productivity.

Answering the phone takes time away from engaging with clients and focusing on other tasks. Free yourself from the stress of client calls + texts by subscribing to a plan.

Be Professional.

Offering an answering service removes the chaotic, frazzled aura of many salons and spas. When your business appears more professional, you attract a higher-quality clientele.

Are you looking to super-charge your beauty business?

My Salon Desk for            


The beauty world is fabulous, but not easy. We have the tools you need to reach the next level.

Plastic surgeons, Cosmetic Dermatologists, Nurse Aestheticians, and other professionals are increasingly being faced with more competition in the med-spa field. 

Along with your clinical training, you'll need excellent business solutions + high-caliber, white glove client service to stand out. 


Build Your Clientele.

Beauty pros become fully-booked within months of our services.

Increase Your Earnings.

Grow your luxury brand so you can charge luxury prices.

O U R   I G   F E E D